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Connectors FSF / FPC ZIF Manufacturers of electrical appliances, electronic equipment and automation systems that accompany us every day and in devices for home use, as well as industry, to meet the expectations of designers-both Amateurs and professionals, give us standalone modules, allowing the construction of the most advanced system does not require such large expenditures, as in the case of designs based on discrete elements. A very important element in the design case, the modular standard, but very economical and versatile solution for interfacing with tape FSF/FPC and ZIF connectorsthat we offer You in our store.


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Products by page

What is tape FSF/FPC?

FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit) is a wiring type ribbon, also known as flexible printed circuit FPCB (Flexible Printed Circuit Board). Used in the field of mobile devices (mobile phones, laptops) and stationary (equipment and HOUSEHOLD appliances, industrial controllers, modules and educational kits) for internal data transfer between the internal modules for these devices: motherboards, displays, camera, keyboard, card extensions. The main advantages of the FPC tape is the possibility of implementing multi-layered conduction system, the possibility of significant miniaturization – reducing internal wiring, the flexibility of the joint (tape resistant to repeated bending, twisting), a significant simplification of maintenance (a quick dismantling of the electrical connections of the modules in the device). The action reduced the cost of production of the FPC tape was the introduction to the market tapes of the FSF , that is, the Flexible Flat Cable. It is a compact form of the popular ribbon cable, but because of manufacturing technology (copper foil covered with insulating films) tape FSF is a cheaper alternative to ribbon FPC.

Connector ZIF

An indispensable accessory, allowing the use of tape FSF/FPC designed for them connectors, ZIF (Zero Insertion Force). The ZIF connector has a slot into which we enter tape FSF/FPC and the contacts, allowing to solder the connector to the circuit Board. ZIF socket connector has a lock, which protects the tape from accidental slipping. Given mounting connection can be divided into vertical, and angled with the bottom, top or double sided orientation of the contacts.

FSF/FPC and ZIF - to Limit the number of wires on their devices

We offer You in our store a wide range of tapes FSF/FPC and connectors, ZIF, through which Your planned device will be more modern, cheaper to produce, cheaper to maintain, and reduce their size and weight. In our store you will find tape, number of cores from 10 to 40 in increments of 0.50 mm or 1.00 mm and length up to 200 cm! For each type of tape FSF/FPC will select from our range is suitable for Your needs a ZIF connector. Welcome!!!