Measurement of light is the main source of information in many industries. Not a way to determine the actual efficiency of the light source or a complex optical system, if there are no special, carefully calibrated measuring device. But modern manufacturers of LEDs, lamps and other lighting modules, conversely, bombard us various measurements of the amount of light that is able to create their products. How to check the actual characteristics of the lamp or module COB? In such situations come to the aid of lighting.



Physics of illumination measurements – a handful of theories for beginners

People who are not familiar with the terms used in the measurement of illuminance can easily be confusing – we need to bring this topic. The basic unit of light of the light source (e.g. led or incandescent lamp) Candela (denoted by cd). Without going into physical details, we can assume that the amount of light corresponding to approximately one ordinary candle (it was, incidentally, indeed, until 1948, when the division was mathematically ukonstytuowana in the SI system). This concept is the basis for determining the so-called light flow that defines the light, placed at a certain angle of dispersion of light waves. Its unit of measurement is the lumen (lm). In turn related to the surface on which it falls (in square meters) gives a useful unit of measurement is Lux (LX), which is a measure of the intensity of lighting, where 1lx = 1 LM / m2. And with this latest willing to use manufacturers of light sensors, logically named luksomierzami.

Use luksomierzy

Lighting is the main tool of work in companies engaged in the production of all kinds of light sources LEDs, lamps, modules and LED strips and other devices. A very important application luksomierzy also studies matching the intensity of the lighting in the room (or – more precisely – in the workplace) regulation that defines the minimum amount of light necessary to perform work in some capacity. For example, for facial recognition required coverage of not less than 20 Lux, while for precision work, mechanical or jewelry will require a capacity of about 1000 lx. Maintaining adequate levels of lighting, however, needed to prevent eye damage caused by its excessive wytężaniem.

Of light meters in the store Botland

In our assortment you will find several models of light sensors, wherein, as a measurement range and additional functionality. The simplest way to Benetech GM1010 – large measuring range from 0 up to 200,000 Lux and the accuracy not worse than 4 % of reading +/- 10 significant digits. Multimeter UT381 unit works in a range up to 20 000 lx and allows you to record measurement data, in turn, luksomierz CEM DT-1309, in addition to a convenient measuring head connected spiral wire to the unit, has a detection peak values (PEAK), and USB interface for communication with the computer.