Tweezers are small tools that can be found in the suitcase of any electronics, robotics and DIY enthusiast. They are used for precision work, often in the case where it is necessary to place a small element in an equally small space. They are suitable for work requiring caution and avoiding direct contact of individual elements. In SMD we often deal with microscopic parts, without tweezers we are not able to perform proper soldering in such cases. However, tweezers have a much wider range of use, especially since they are available in many variants and types. You can choose between antimagnetic and antistatic tweezers, which will be an ideal choice for semiconductor systems where there are elements sensitive to static charges. We also offer SMD tweezers, straight and curved tip tweezers. All proposed products are made of high quality materials, have an ergonomic shape adapted to precision work and are of different sizes.



Choose the best tweezers for your work

A tweezer is not just a small tool that has one shape and size. Due to the versatility of its use in electronics, many types of tweezers have been created, which differ in size, shape, but also in their properties, which is influenced by, among others, the material they are made of. Most of the tweezers have a length from 10 cm to 14 cm, but there are longer and shorter models, used much less often. However, the shape of the tip is more important for users. We can choose from tweezers with straight and curved tip. They are characterized by a very good and precise grip, but it is always worthwhile to adjust them to the shape and size of the element being grabbed. Use the curved tweezers when soldering very small parts using microscopes. Where there are difficult working conditions and definitely not easily accessible places, the straight tweezers will work well. You can also opt for tweezers with a wide tip, which can be serrated or smooth. Consider buying it if you are working with ICs in SO-8 or larger housings. There are also tweezers with a sharp tip, especially recommended for soldering SMD components of small sizes.

Some tweezers have a limited purpose and are used in specific conditions and situations. These are antimagnetic and antistatic tweezers. They are useful in a suitcase of electronics, because many semiconductor circuits and their components are sensitive to static charges. Then you have to be very careful and use tweezers with antistatic properties. They are made of anti-ESD, thanks to which we maintain increased safety during work. Where we manipulate small electronic elements, e.g. when working with small screws, use antimagnetic tweezers.

Measuring tweezers. When to use these?

There's another kind of tweezers that are available in our shop. It is a measuring tweezers that works well for voltage measurements on SMD components that work in systems. It is characterized by exceptional properties and construction. It has cables with plugs that fit into multimeter sockets. With this tweezer you can make accurate measurements of very small elements. It is an easy task that you can do with just one hand. This makes work not only faster but also easier and more accurate. We also reduce the risk of damaging delicate parts.

The tweezers are often underestimated elements of electronics and do-it-yourself equipment. They are appreciated only when working with very small elements. If you deal with them more often, it is worth to create your own set of different types of tweezers, which you will be able to use, adjusting to specific elements and working conditions. Moreover, you can buy both single tweezers as well as sets with tweezers of different lengths and shapes in our shop.