Tweezers is one of the most important tools in the Arsenal of hand Luggage each electronics. Without proper tweezers is not possible accurate soldering of small, often microscopic SMD components, although this is certainly not the end of the application of these useful tools. In our assortment we have collected all kinds of pliers, including execution antymagnetyczne and ESD – certainly, you will find a tweezers that is ideal for Your needs.



The types of gloves used in electronics

The separation of the gloves can be done due to applied for the manufacture of materials, as well as special useful properties arising from this choice due to the shape of the tip of the tweezers and its duration. If in the case of the last of these parameters between pęsetami used in electronics not there are significant differences (most models has a length of from 10 cm to about 13 - 14 cm), the greatest influence on the method of operation and the possibility of seizure has the shape of the tip. The straight and curved tweezers allow you to conveniently hold different items, depending on their situation and possible additional equipment used in the work. For example, if lutujesz using a microscope, the best choice may be tweezers curved and hard to reach areas you can use the straight tweezers. Wide (smooth and serrated) tips are suitable for soldering in packages SO-8, while the jaws are the only correct choice in soldering SMD elements smaller (in particular, 0603 and smaller).

Special tongs the store Botland

Special attention should be pęsetom antymagnetycznym and anti-static. As you know, most of the elements and semiconductor chips is very responsive to static charge. Discharge (ESD) related elektryzowaniem yourself clothing, shoes and skin of the operator, can be fatal for often cost – elements, hence the need to take special care when handling them during installation or service. In such cases it is necessary to put the tweezers in the performance of the anti-ESD, which will provide elements of the appropriate level of security. At accurate mechanical works and handling of certain electronic elements, ideal crimper antymagnetyczne that facilitates work, for example, with small screws.

Tweezers measurement – no issues with the measurement of SMD components

Anyone who has ever tried to measure the resistance or capacitance of the SMD element, understands how difficult it can be objective, in the case of bulk elements as those incorporated in the scheme, if it is known that the element can be correctly measured without desoldering). Such difficulties make measurements of the voltage on the SMD components in the running system. These problems eliminates tweezers measure UT-L01, are equipped with a wire with connectors compatible with the connectors of the multimeter. Thanks to this practical tool to measure the smallest items can be performed even with one hand which greatly facilitates and speeds up the work, and a specially developed measuring tips reduce the risk of damage to delicate components.