The miracle - robots, educational

Programming is one of the most valued skills in the labor market. However, it is also a wonderful and very interesting game that might interest already kilkulatków. Ideal here sets the Dash and Dot – ie attractive robots the game is designed for children and is recommended for schools. Devices can be controlled remotely via mobile applications installed on your smartphone or tablet. Kits are available in numerous supplements, which may constitute an inexhaustible source of inspiration for all sorts of projects and activities.


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Dash and Dot, two robotyczni friends

For kids who just begin their adventure with robotics, each project becomes a great success. Thanks to Dash and Dot, children can instantly check the effects of their actions, which is a great motivation for the next "project". Educational robots require no Assembly, ready to work right out of the box. Their friendly appearance makes out that it is to make friends with them. More mobile Dash, thanks to numerous sensors that can respond to voice and to detect objects in the environment. Can make sounds, to move in accordance with the desired route or move my head. Less static Point and establishes contact with the user, through the eye, with a LED backlight and that emits the sound. A very interesting experience for children is, of course, more advanced control of educational robots, which consists in launching devices to communicate with Dash and Dot. There is even the possibility of activation so that the smaller Dot was the pilot guide for management Dashem.

A simple study of the fundamentals of programming

Device control Dash and Dot is carried out by using mobile apps (on smartphone or tablet with Android operating system or iOS). Young users use the GUI to refer to the mind of the computer game for children. Tasks that establish their robots education through the app, suggesting, however, quite "adult" programming. The children use the illustrated programming language for creating robots, algorithms of actions and create scripts without even realizing what just went through the knowledge base that will be valuable to them. Learn to think like developers. Because of the quality of educational kits Dash and Dot recommend as scientific assistance for schools that have early classes implementing from the field of modern technologies.

The robot like a virtuoso, and perhaps the rabbit?

For the creators of the kits, Dash and Dot science is no less important than having fun. That's why robots, developing, equipped with a lot of extras. Some of them – for example, the xylophone, the launcher balls or relay LEGO rozbudzają the child's creative potential. On attention deserve, in particular, the mentioned accessories for Lego, thanks to which the child can close the robot Dash and Dot in any way, including in the project, your collection of blocks. Others – such as dressing up or rabbit ears – allow you to change the appearance of the device, so it can play even more roles in exciting entertainment.