Locators GPS / GSM / Bluetooth

Probably more than once you have put away your apartment keys in a hurry or in a place where you usually don't keep them, right? Maybe they once fell out in your pocket and you couldn't find them? There is an easy way to do it! GPS / GSM trackers are products that will make finding even a needle in a hays completely stress-free!

GPS / GSM / Bluetooth technology is constantly evolving and new solutions are being developed. The result is new products with even greater usability and functionality. Currently, you can decide to buy a simple GPS locator that will be the size of a tiny key ring. It is also possible to purchase smaller locators resembling GSM bugs. In addition, we are dealing with various types of car trackers. These are devices that you may know from movies and famous tv series.

In this category, Botland presents various types of Bluetooth, GPS / GSM locators. Regardless of what you need and for what purpose you need it - in Botland you will find it all!

Bluetooth and GPS / GSM locators

The cheapest solution, intended mainly for locating items within the apartment, is a finder in the form of a key ring. Such a device will be an ideal protection against losing keys or any other elements to which the Bluetooth keychain will be attached. We can fasten it to keys or wallet and it will act as a transmitter. Everything is operated by smartphones in a convenient and stress-free way. On the screen of your phone you can see the distance from the searched object at any time. The operating range of such a device is limited by the Bluetooth capabilities and is usually about 8 m. In slightly more expensive versions, the Bluetooth locator is monitored by all its users thanks to a special application. This means that through the user's smartphone, located near your locator, you will be able to find it even at a distance of many kilometers from you. The standby time on one battery is up to 6 months!

Locator for the safety of children and pets

In the era of increasing human mobility and still present external dangers, it is worth investing in a locator with a GPS and GSM module. These are small and compact devices in the form of a card with dimensions of approximately 85 x 55 x 6 mm, a pendant, a wristwatch (or in another, unusual shape, depending on the needs). You can place such a GPS / GSM locator wherever you want. Parents often place such devices in a small child's school backpack. There are many applications, and everything depends on the needs (of course, one should remember about the issue of legality - here, however, the differences vary depending on the country).

In conjunction with the available applications on the phone, the presented GPS / GSM locator will allow you to locate the child with an accuracy of several meters anywhere in the world. This is very important because it makes you feel much more secure. In addition, the built-in Bluetooth module means higher efficiency of the locator in closed spaces. The available applications show the current location of the locator on the map, they will also show you the route traveled by the locator.

What's more, you can define and designate your own geo-zones in the settings of the tracking system, after crossing which you will receive an SMS - that the child is outside the place where it was supposed to be. The time of a single full operation of the device - depending on the model - ranges from 8 to 16 days. Please, remember that in the Botland store you can also buy additional accessories, such as chargers for locators.

GSM locators – real Bond-like accessories!

Car trackers are professional tracking devices that you surely know from various action movies. In practice, however, such products are very useful, for example, for transport and courier companies (it is thanks to them that one of the courier companies at some point decided to limit 'turning left' on the road, because according to big data analyzes based on trackers it was ... less profitable) .

Anyway, if you want to optimize the cost of maintaining a car fleet in your company, it is worth investing in a GPS / GSM car locator. Everything can be conveniently operated via the application. Thanks to the locators, you will find out if the vehicle actually traveled the shortest route, where it turned and where it stopped (and how long it was parked). Movement history can be tracked and played back on some models up to 12 months!

In the Botland store you can buy professional Bluetooth / GPS / GSM locators available at low prices.