Locators GPS / GSM / Bluetooth

Of course, not just happened in the rush to put the keys to the apartment, or car, in a place where usually do not use them, or just in the world have You fallen somewhere out of his pocket. Maybe zawieruszyłeś your phone which, in addition to disabled? With the help comes to You different kinds of locators, bluetooth, GPS/GSM.

Locators, bluetooth, GPS/GSM

The cheapest option intended mainly to the location of items within the apartment finder in the form of a keychain. It can be attached to keys or the wallet, and it will act as a transmitter in cooperation with a smartphone will show the distance to the desired object. The range of this device is limited to bluetooth capability, and typically is about 8 meters. In the slightly more expensive versions of locator bluetooth via an application controlled by its all users. This means that using the device type of the user's smartphone, which is close to Your locator, you will be able to find it even at a distance of many kilometers away from You. Little finder will also allow us to record voice memos, and remote execution photographs of type selfie. Working time in standby mode on a single battery for up to 6 months.

Locator for the safety of children and animals

In an era of increasing mobility of people, and, unfortunately, still existing dangers lurking on our little children is to invest in locater with GPS module and GSM. A small compact device in the form of a map with a size of about 85 x 55 x 6 mm, keychain or clock on hand, combined with the applications available will allow You to find comfort with a precision of a few meters anywhere in the world, also in closed spaces also, thanks to the integrated bluetooth module. The available apps show on the map the current position of the locator is also the distance travelled during a route locator. It is possible to define geo-zones, the excess of which you will receive SMS-message that the child in the place where it was supposed to be. Depending on the model, the time from the internal battery is from 8 to 16 days, which can be extended thanks to the available akumulatorkom type powerbank.

The optimal route of the vehicle

If you want to optimize the cost of fleet maintenance your company is worth investing in locator car GPS/GSM. Thanks to the cooperation with the appropriate app, you get the opportunity to check whether the vehicle was driven the shortest route, or over a limited speed that moves are there, except for the assigned areas and in case of theft you will find it easily. Available in our offer devices allow also to analyze the history of the movement of the car until 12 months ago. Locator GPS/GSM is also a great tool for tracking valuable goods in case of their loss.

What difference does it make locators?

In case of problems with the GPS signal locator uses the GSM transmitter, which significantly increases the area of its action. We offer Botland locators have a SIM card M2M working totally free worldwide. Invest in your safety and Your loved ones. We invite you to use our offer.

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