Garland LED Christmas

Garland LED Christmas

Made on technology LED decorative lamp and Christmas - a wide and varied selection you find in our online store. We offer kits to food as part of a network, and with the help of the battery. The color of hot, cold, single and mixed colors. Christmas tree lights LED, for the beauty of the interior or for use outdoors. To pick up bulbs for your design festive and enjoy their aesthetic qualities. Thanks to LED technology, you get the guarantee that the equipment will serve You for several years.


Voltage to
Voltage from
Nominal power
LED wavelength
Cable length
LED - type
LED - color
LED - digital
LED - stream
LED lighting angle
LED shape
LED mount
LED bulb - thread
Tightness class
LED lens
Energy class

When the window darkens quickly

Subcutaneously you feel that the time is approaching inexorably. The dog does not own, and the neighbors see the first Christmas decorations? It's time for shopping! Christmas tree lights LED is the perfect solution for You. By choosing our products, you can be sure about the quality and you can be sure that the purchased bulb will serve for many years. Using LED technology, you care about the environment, and in addition, the investment will quickly return in the form of lower electricity bills.

Modernity and diversity

In search of indicators should indicate their purpose. If you are looking for outdoor lighting, you should pay attention to the class in which they were made. Standard IP 44 or higher, this ensures that the inside does not penetrate dust particles or dust of more than 1 mm). In addition, the class IP 44 resistant to drops of water falling from various directions, which in the winter is not difficult. Garland LED Christmas and sets the internal characterized, as a rule, protection class IP 20. This means that to dangerous parts of the device and does not have access with your finger, and the inside will not get extraneous solid bodies with a diameter greater than 12.5 mm. This class is enough for Christmas lights, which should be kept away from sources of water and protection from flooding.

Mains or battery?

Another question about the choice of kit is the method of its supply. Every solution does not work in other situations, so you should think about in what conditions you will use the LED Christmas garland. Power to the battery to check if we plan to decorate the places distant from nests. This will prevent the cable from stretching, ensuring complete freedom in the interior. The other alternative are the bulbs work in the network. Thanks to the technology of LED bulbs consume less energy compared to traditional indicators.

Management and color scheme

Sets of indicators can be equipped with an additional driver, by which we can choose from several preset modes glow. Light variable or constant, slow flashing lamps or even "flashing" to the beat of the music, of course, will attract attention from afar! Not without significance is also the color of the indicator set. Until recently, the LED associated only with cold white light from a corridor of offices. Currently the market offers a wide selection of Christmas lights LED. Already there, so the problem is, when our colorful trees are not suitable for "cold Led", we can use even the so-called Garland LED - in the form of gifts – with the effect of the hologram. As you can see, we have only the organic imagination.