Semiconductor relays SSR

The device is made in a new semiconductor technology. You do not have mechanical contacts, which positively affects the service life and provides quiet operation.

SSR, that is, changing technology projects

Your life they must ensure that was designed and manufactured without the use of mechanical moving parts. Their much smaller size allows zminiaturyzować system, which will also affect the needs of developers and users of the final effect. The advantages of the solid state relay may also include fast response times, no sparking contacts (which, of course, will positively affect the safety of users, modules and other system components), resistance to all shocks and vibrations, as well as compatibility with microprocessors (so-called system of logic).

Their application can be found in a simple and popular devices, which include, in particular, electric furnace, plate induction, or at least drier, and in complex systems that require maximum reliability and performance, for example, street lighting or incubators.

Purchase always relay SSR best quality

We carefully choose all the products that You get – because of this we can be sure that will provide our customers with satisfaction. Of course, in our assortment you will find not only products of the type SSR – we also provide relay modules and relay traditional , made by the most respected manufacturers on the market. High quality materials and accurate design is a guarantee of satisfaction and security.

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