Solid state relay SSR

Solid state relay SSR - Creating or creating their model e-type dryer, an induction furnace, or, for example, the incubator will finally such time that it is necessary to select relays, and at this moment it is worth thinking about relay SSR eng. Solid State Relay. We have in stock a rich selection of this type relay at competitive prices and carefully chosen by our staff. Check, adjust relays, solid state, and if in doubt, please email us, we will be happy to assist you in any crisis situation.

Static relay means for failure?

Solid state relay SSR colloquially referred to as electronic relays or półprzewodnikowymi your actions based on the use of electronic, optical or magnetic eliminating moving parts. This allows to obtain a long service life, quiet operation , or dust. Advantages of course much more and disadvantages, as an element of electronic little, but the biggest is probably the need to use the radiator when we talk about high power relays.

The main purpose of SSR-s.

Solid state relay SSR can be used in systems with single-phase and three-phase systems with DC or variable, and it makes that relays are a very versatile item of electronics. Static switches are most commonly used in various kinds of electrical devices in which there is a need for a temperature control system, for example, dryers, incubators, ovens electric, water, etc. find Their place also in equipment operating in cycles, such as washing machines, pumps, solenoid valves.

What are the benefits of using relay?

The use of relay such as solid state relay SSR allows to simplify wiring built. Distributed energy circuits from the control circuits, which may have a smaller diameter and weight. Thanks przekaźnikom it is possible to simplify the construction of various kinds stacyjek or switches, as they require less amperage and with no moving parts, such structures are less reliable, easier and cheaper to repair, and diagnostics. Solid state relay might be the ideal solution for Your project.