Relay traditional

Relay traditional

In this category we offer You traditional relay is a device based on mechanical contact with suitable insights for printed circuit BOARDS. We invite all masters and electronics to see our interesting range of products, selected specifically for You, our technical Department. The range of relay 5V, 12V, 24V, or even 250, that is, solutions of different voltages and different sizes, are sure to have your model and printed circuit BOARDS.

Prepared outputs for PCB

Printed circuit Board, that is, otherwise known as printed circuit Board, or PCB Board, printed circuit Board made of insulating material called a dielectric with the electrical connections of the so-called paths and points lutowniczymi so-called means of additional. Designed for mounting electronic components such as relays traditional. PCB made at an angle built electronic equipment and produces them from the plates coated with copper, which is applied to the image paths.

Relay help

The conventional relay are provided at our online store, have small size, light weight, high capacity reverse and low coil power consumption. Suitable for automation and telecommunication systems and electric at home. Each master will find in this section something for himself - in case of any questions, any doubts, our technical Department is always at Your disposal.

The proposed relay

One of the elements presented in the section of a traditional relay, relays, latching Adafruit FeatherWing Latching Mini Relay with cap Pen is a module from the family of the Feather, which can remember their last state even after power-off. Allows you to control actuators using embedded microcontroller. Equipped with reset button - complete with relays we also get a bar of goldpin and screw connection. How it works relay latch? This element has two States of rest when the current is turned on, the relay remains in last state. This is done via the solenoid operating mechanism with magnets, which keeps the contacts in the last position.