Connectors Micro-Match

Design of electronic devices requires an appropriate selection of connectors – not only for the external set, for example, the leading or rear panel. Equally important is the correct application of the elements designed to connect the internal nodes and circuit boards. The use of plugs instead of direct soldering the wires to the panels of printed circuit boards has many benefits – greatly simplifies installation and maintenance the device, and in addition, the use of modular approach in which replacement or addition of functional units takes just a few seconds. In applications with a limited amount of free space in the housing better suited miniature connectors Micro-Match.


Conn Type:
Conn - type M/F

Connectors Micro-Match print

Construction connectors Micro-Match is fundamentally different from the popular raster connectors (e.g., type goldpin). Socket for print come in two basic variations – the first of them, a female, is designed to work with compatible connectors mounted on the ribbon type AWG28. Pins arranged alternately in two rows, and the correct polarity the connection provides a lateral groove that interacts with a key protruding from the side wall of the plug. Connectors are available in two versions, designed for installation problems (which greatly facilitates their application as persons, who do not yet have much experience in soldering) and SMT (without making openings in the circuit BOARD, however, is somewhat more complicated to install manually). The second type of connectors for printing is adapted to connect directly and permanently with wired ribbon, AWG28 is a great solution, for example, a small replaceable modules. Male connectors Micro-Match, is also designed for wire-end ferrules on wires, flat is fully compatible with sockets for printing.

High strength in a minimal size

Don't be fooled by the small size connectors Micro-Match. Despite the very compact design, these elements can perceive the currents of 1.5 A, which is an excellent result for such small details connecting. Remember, however, about the additional settings that you should provide in the final application, because – as in any system – how robust is the person who determines the weakest element. In addition to the connectors, it is necessary to consider such aspects as the choice of the appropriate tape AWG, capable of withstanding heavy loads and stresses, and application paths the appropriate width on the newly designed PCB.

The use of connectors Micro-Match

In the case of devices for prototypes or small batch production, better suited connectors Micro-Match are designed for installation problems (TNT) – the contours of the tip cause the solder to "flip" the connector in the holes of the printed circuit Board that greatly simplifies installation, because when you turn the plate upside down will not cause the automatic ejection of the connector from the target position. However, if the production is done by machine, the best choice would be connectors Micro-Match are designed for SMD mounting – they can be fixed in rozpływowego soldering processes (reflow), i.e. in a special furnace brazing.