Relay modules

Relay modules

This Department in our store filled to the brim with modules relay najróżniejszego type, with a large number of channels (up to 16 on one Board), and supports various interfaces - Bluetooth, SPI or Wi-Fi, as well as with optical isolation. Each master and elektronik you will find in this section something for yourself and for your model, or operating system. Check that for you now, and immerse yourself in the world of relay for systems, Arduino, Raspberry Pi and other microcomputers.



Products by page

Products by page

What is relay and how it works?

Relay modules offered in our store are devices, electrical and electronic devices, the task of which, under appropriate conditions, is a dramatic state change in one or more output circuits. The relay responds to the change of input physical quantities, such as voltage, current, pressure, temperature, in such a way that if it exceeds a certain level, the signal changes abruptly, typically by the command “enable” or “disable”.

The use of relays

Through its action, the relay allows a large amplitude or level of voltage to produce effects in the circuits. Have an extra relay and low, which respond to changes in measured values over or below a certain level. An example is the relay of the maximum current, which is triggered when the value of the current flowing through it exceeds a specified value. We offer relay modules ready to implement the designed system and the model.


Our modules relay that we offer include optoizolację. What is optoizolacja? It's nothing complicated as it may seem. Optoizolacja is the separation from each other separate circuits with control signals. This is possible due to Transoptora, which sends control signals so as to isolate electrically these chains. Process optoizolacji allows you to protect selected elements of the system - usually the most expensive in our system.

The difference between usually and relays

What is the difference between the two systems, as the principle of their action is the same? It is the systems that are used. Contactors are devices to enable high voltage systems with power - for example, electric motors, relay circuits or low-power signal with a zero potential, for example, in programming logic drivers. This should also significantly increases the service life of relays, contactors than (several million connections at the relays, up to several thousand on stycznikach).