Relay modules

Relays on printed circuit boards with leads for ArduinoRaspberry Pi and other microcontrollers and minicomputers.



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Products by page

Secure your system thanks to relay modules

The offer of the electronic devices and parts in our online store includes vital products like cables, programmers, voltage regulators, sensors, prototype boards, integrated circuits, memory cards & discs andmicrocontrollers. For our clients, we have also prepared a vast range of relay modules, which play an important part in sectors like mechanics, automation and even computer application. Thanks to their presence the systems can perform their work accurately and efficiently. But how does it exactly work? Thanks to the microcontroller ports, relay module can control the actuators, which consume the current up to 10 A. Of course, besides microcontroller's ports you can also use any commissioning kit, such as Rasbperry Pi, Arduino or STM32Discovery. It is worth noting that optoisolation is a barrier that separates the control signal and the part associated with the power of relay. This way it can create the safety of the management system and ensure the correct operation.

Explore the assortment of relays

Do you want to know how to properly prepare the device? First of all, you need to remember that connecting the relay modules is performed with three input leads - GND, IN and VCC. The system will be operating accurately only if you attach the power supply to the VCC pin, input signal IN and ground GND. It is worth remembering that relay modules can be used as switches for electric devices, or as drivers - of lighting or of actuators. At Botland we are aware that our customers have various needs and use different devices. That is why we have included in our offer relay modules with 2, 4, 8 and even 16 channels. Explore the shop’s stock and choose the model that suits your needs the best.