Peltier cells

The modules provide active cooling for the chipset.

Cooling passive cooling and active.


The cheapest and the most popular solution in the passive cooling systems are the radiators. The radiator is an item made of metal or metal alloys, well-collecting the heat, as a rule, aluminum alloy. Has the form of small solid bodies whose shape is optimally dissipates the heat into the environment (air, water, or other coolant) does not require any additional power. In our range, in addition to the wide range of radiators of different shapes and sizes, you will also find tape and paste termoprzewodzące, which is very important to ensure optimal contact of the fluid element with the radiator. Tape and paste termoprzewodzące significantly increase the conductivity of heat at the contact surface of the fluid element and the radiator. This solution is very often used in electronics, where electronic element-type transistor, microcircuit, processor (computer cooling) coincides pasta termoprzewodzącą and mount the radiator. In places where there is no proper mounting of the radiator you can use tape that thanks to the bilateral coating of glue przymocują radiator for cooling element.

If the radiator is too small...

If the heatsink does not bring the expected results, don't miss available in our store, cooling active. One of the most popular solutions, especially as the cooling of the computer on which you can increase the efficiency of radiators, fans. In Botland store you will find the fan size starting from 25 x 25 mm, ideal for use in microprocessor-based systems, such as cooling of computer.

You want to do overclocking your PC? You get the point! We have a special offer for You – the Peltier elements. This is another active cooling solution. Thin plate consists of semiconductors that due to the phenomenon of thermoelectric Peltier elements absorb heat under the influence of an electric current, which significantly increases the cooling efficiency.

Comfort for You

Don't forget about yourself! In our store we also have table fans and ventilators, facing various diameters, including those equipped with mode switches-speed, automatic oscillation, adjustable tilt, adjustable height and remote control. But if you're traveling with a laptop, we have for You fans version mini USB powered!