RC robots

Devices and toys that are managed by the radio communication network.

Remote control RC – for every fan of robots is based

If your child or loved one's birthday, remote controlled, RC could be a great idea for entertainment in your free time. We have a very diverse assortment that everyone will find something to fit the recipient's interests – even if it is a gift for You! We, in particular, zabawkowymi tanks, excavators, robots and powerful machines, which rotates at a speed exceeding 45 km/h.

Is there such a game for adults? Worldwide competitions on a specially prepared track. Imagine that you need very quickly cause a small car scale 1:10 (this means that it is less a real car 10 times) and in addition, racing with competitors on a track. This is a very arcade game that requires intelligent eyes, quick reaction and attention – why do You need computer games or console, if you have big emotions you can experience live?

And, maybe, fly or water?

Water can be a great addition to the daily diet of kittens in the hot summer days. Worth then going to the lake or nearby pond to race remote-controlled boats or motorówkami.

The assortment of our shop you can find also RC drones and helicopters. The possibilities are truly endless, so we invite everyone to the fact that they made sure that we prepared. We warrant that the products available in our store is the best ratio of price and quality – we bring you the highest level of service and offer only high-end equipment.