Models and RC cars

With remote control RC

In this category we welcome You to the wonderful world of radio controlled cars and robots! Plenty of choice and reasonable prices, this is a great idea, for example, for a gift. The questions themselves or in the near future, unique gift. Nothing pleases the little street how to remotely control cars or big almost metre roboraptor! Check out the rest of the range and to join the Reich of satisfied customers of our online shop Botland. Join us and have fun together with us!

What tigers love the most

Remote control RC is something that every child loves and most of the guys - maybe it's a matter of what, allegedly, within each of us lies the eternal child? We offer a wide variety of equipment controlled RC (RC, ie, from the English. Radio Control - in Russian, RC). Cars, tanks, robots, excavators and many others which can accelerate to a speed of more than 45 km/h! It is not just toys for children, but also a tool for professionals who are hunting for such machines in competitions.

Full professionalism

Professional race using remote-controlled vehicles is not a joke in Poland are even Championships RC - onroad will be in the room. No less an authority are competition models flying or floating. In our category with remote control RC, you can find a variety of models of RC cars, perfect for the start of the adventure in this fascinating world. In case you have any questions, our technical Department is at your disposal.

Cars, radio controlled is a popular pastime

Remote control RC is not only a professional competition and pursuit of “big”. We can pack equipment, family and travel, for example, to the nearby water - spread a blanket on the grass and let your favorite music. At the same time, along with his son fold model pay attention to motor yachts and zwodować it into the nearby lake. Of course, it will be unforgettable moments spent with loved ones. This form of relaxation should not be associated solely with movies or advertisement. Welcome to our store to shop and infect their loved ones, their passion.