Wire Qwiic

Wire Qwiic

Moving on to the world of electronics and working on the system Arduino or Raspberry Pi, sooner or later we will meet with the standard QWIIC developed by SparkFun Colorado in the United States. Using the I2C interface you can connect a lot of sensors, displays, actuators, cables, etc. Invite you to familiarize with the offer of our online shop where we offer You a wide range of standard Qwiic for ease of use and tinkering, without leaving home.


Cable - type
Cable - Standard
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Standard Qwiic

Wire Qwiic czteropinowe fitted with connectors, through which you can easily and without risk of error connect the selected accessory. What speaks for using standard Qwiic? Of course, no need soldering - thanks to four pinom enough to use the cable Qwiic, instead of four individual wires. Polarized plugs to avoid perverse connection terminals SDA, SCL, GND and VCC are in a constant place, and don't need to think about how they connect. Please contact our office with the wires and pick suitable for your system.

Ease of use without tools

Standard Qwiic gives us confidence in connection with a small circulation in the financial - connector has a step of 1 mm, which saves us space on Board of the prototype. We can connect any device with I2C interface using an adapter JST-QWIIC. The standard can be used in circuit with the second connector, in which, as a rule, have modules, all in order to expand the tire. Thus, you can use this wire Qwiic available in our store.

A wide range of accessories

Deciding standard Qwiic, we get a wide access to accessories and system proven by millions of users around the world. We have access to modules such as weather stations, temperature sensors, GPS modules, distance sensors, real time clock, the sensor of the visible spectrum and many others. When choosing accessories, we invite you to our section of the wire Qwiic, where you will find the connection under your diagram of the system. In case of any doubt, we are at Your service!