Cables, cables, cables… After all, there is no electronics or programmable electronics enthusiast (advanced or amateur) who would not come into contact with these things. Cables are perhaps the most popular element of our boxes with electronic components and accessories.


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Products by page

If you want to deal with the electronic nuisance and be a home superhero, surely - sooner or later - the connecting cables will start to keep you awake at night. It's natural, but on the other hand, it doesn't have to be that way. Why? 

Mainly because it is enough to get acquainted with the offer of cables in our store and everything becomes clear. It is thanks to them that you can design and construct gadgets and electronic devices. Considering that we have the highest quality assortment, the combination of the constructed structures will have an even flow of impulses. The cable is often a missing item in the workshop.

Now check carefully all the products offered in this category. Purchase the right amount of spare cables to be able to efficiently create new projects and never postpone a project due to the lack of some cord or wire. Check out our range of cables and start to be like famous MacGyver (who wouldn’t like to be him?).

The use of connecting cables – the basis of the basics 

Cables, cords and wires are these kinds of things that most often are necessary and it does not matter in what kind of project you are currently engaged. It's easy. Interconnecting cables are required for precise data transfer. Due to the fact that our Botland store has the highest quality goods, you can find out that the cables we offer provide a solid and almost impossible to tear connection, thanks to which the constructed or combined device is characterized by exceptional durability, which also translates into safe and long-lasting work.

The use of connecting cables takes place in any situation where it is necessary to connect sensors with control systems and many other components. Many people do not realize that it is a good cable that determines the correctness and comfort of the device. The choice of cable not only affects the correct connection of specific components. The quality of connecting cables and their type counts, so check carefully what the different types of cables differ. It is also worth paying attention to the type of connectors!

The type of cables is of enormous importance 

Whether the small electronic gadget we design or a complicated walking robot will work depends primarily on the careful and appropriate selection of the cable. The Botland store has a very wide range. Read carefully the products in this category to see how many different types of cables you can choose from.

And the choice when it comes to cabling is of the utmost importance. Therefore, before buying, if you are looking for cables for a specific application, carefully read about the accessory you need. Pay attention to tips, bandwidth, material and connectors. You can buy female-female, female-male and male-male cables. In addition, you can opt for whole cable sets with different plugs. A good example would be a set of five cables that are 25 cm long with a male plug on one end and a hook on the other. The latter elements are often used as test elements, which greatly improves trial and error and allows you to finish the project faster. What's more, you will find crocodile cables of various lengths, e.g. for universal meters. On the one hand, they have a female or male socket (goldpin plug), and on the other hand, they have a crocodile clip that makes it very easy to connect anything. However, remember to always check the specifications and technical parameters carefully.

Are there any versatile cables and cords? 

In this category you can find all the necessary cables, each according to your own expectations. A frequently asked question is whether there are universal cables. At first glance, the best answer is 'it depends'. Depends on the use of the cables.

A good example are 4-pin Grove cables, which are used to connect Grove sensors with a board that is incompatible with Grove cables (eg Arduino or Raspberry Pi). But it is not everything. In this category, in our store you can buy universal IDC cables, which can be used to create many different connections or specific ones, such as a 26-pin IDC cable, thanks to which you can connect the GPIO pins in the Raspberry Pi model B minicomputer. you will find a cable suitable for your project. Choose the highest quality cables now! We invite you to place orders!