Wire connector - If you want to deal with e-I mean, and to be home superhero is, of course, at some point, wires will conduct You to sleep at night. It is in vain, it is enough to familiarize with offers of wires in our store, and everything becomes clear. Thanks to him, it is possible to design and build gadgets and electronic equipment. Given that we have a range of high quality, connection construction construction will have a uniform stream of pulses. Cable is often the element that's missing in the workshop. To acquire the required number of copies of the wires to be able to effectively create another project. Check out our range of wires and be like James bond.


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Products by page

Products by page

The use of connecting cables

In order to accurately transfer the data, it is necessary to use connecting cables. Due to the fact that our store offers high quality merchandise, you can make sure that our offered cables provide a reliable and almost impossible the connection, through which are built to combine the device has exceptional strength, which also affects the safe and long working life. The use of jumper cables takes place in any situation in which you want connection of sensors with control systems and many other nodes. Many people don't realize that a good cable depends on the accuracy and usability of the device.

Wire - Type has the value

What we are developing gadget will work, depends on careful selection of the cable. Botland store has a very wide range, just looking in this category, you will find that there are plenty to choose from. You can buy wire żeńsko-female, żeńsko-men and manly-men. In addition, you can select whole sets of wires with various connectors , for example, sets of five wires that have a length of 25 cm, and they completed, one end connector, and with another-hook, often used as a test, which greatly facilitates the work by trial and error, and allows faster to complete the project. Moreover, here you will find the wire krokodylkowe different lengths , for example, universal measuring instruments. On the one hand there is a socket or plug - plug goldpin, and on the other end krokodylkowe.

The versatility of wire

In this category you will find all necessary wires, each in accordance with your expectations. A good example is wire 4-pin Grovewhich serve to connect Grove sensors with the fee, which is not compatible with the wires of the Grove, for example, an Arduino or Raspberry Pi. Moreover, in our store you can buy universal cables IDCthat can be used to create a variety of compounds or specific, such as IDC cable-26-pin connector, thanks to which you can connect the output to GPIO minikomputerze Raspberry Pi model B. In our assortment you will find a cable suited for Your project.