Controllers for games USB

Controllers for games on the USB are used primarily for lovers of virtual games. Allow, in particular, more functionality and better utilization compared to a traditional keyboard. Use them as people who very often give yourself to your hobby as niedzielni players. Gamepads for USB, available in our store, different from each other not only in form but also function. We offer both models for desktop and minikomputera Raspberry Pi and Arduino platform. The store Botland you can find wireless and wired instances, making fit a specific model for your personal preferences-no problem.


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Types of game controllers

Depending on your needs, we offer, in particular fiscal instances, is characterized by good balance of price and performance. In addition, also available gamepads to a PC simulating a once popular controllers, particularly for Super Nintendo and Sega Genesi. Low weight combined with compact size make it the pads that our shop is extremely comfortable. Moreover, full compatibility with all most popular operating systems such as Windows and macOS ensures universal application. USB gamepads designed for more demanding users, except more buttons and popular counterparts, have two modes: digital and analog. The store Botland, you will also find wireless controllers for the PS3, the hallmark of which is the vibration and the connection with the base device using the receiver included in the set. Our assortment includes different colors of controllers, from classic black, making white, red, grey, and copies with colorful elements. For the most advanced users we strongly recommend that the controllers for games that support not only Bluetooth, but Wi-Fi and a radio with XBee socket. In addition, a number of fully customizable buttons provides complete personalization of the device.

Additional functionality

The store Botland you'll find the USB controllers are not only for PC but also for smartphones running iOS and Android. Moreover, this type controller can also connect with TV and TV Box, so you can freely control in games and applications. Wireless pad connects to other devices via Bluetooth, and its maximum range is up to 10 m, which is sufficient when using a gamepad at home. In our assortment you will find models with modes, XINPUT, DINPUT and extremely useful feature of the turbo, especially recommended for work with minikomputerem Raspberry Pi.

Key features

Game controller USB needs to be first and foremost comfortable, so in our assortment there are models that differ from each other, in particular, wire length, number and location of buttons shape, and additional functionality. A wide selection ensures that you can choose a model that will successfully serve You for many hours of gaming.