iNode - sensors and modules Bluetooth Android

In this category we offer devices intended for use in home automation systems or industrial. We offer you, among other things, goals, Bluetooth, USB microcontrollers, sensors (temperature, humidity, pressure, motion), accelerometer, magnetometer, programmable modules USB RFID systems, relays, Bluetooth, UART modules, monitors energy consumption and locators iBeacon.


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Inode - Sensors and modules Bluetooth Android

Inode is a well-known firm, which often runs practical technological innovation. In the category of “Inode - Sensors and Bluetooth Android” you can easily find modern solutions that can read the vital parameters connected to a wireless network of sensors. Devices of this type are compatible with the latest communication standards and security. Thanks to the modules and sensors from this category, in a simple way, for example, you can control the parameters in tight spaces with the position of the smartphone, and connect to your home automation, sensor of pressure, temperature and humidity that will connect wirelessly (via Bluetooth 4.0) with the module connected to the Ethernet network. This Bluetooth gateway can receive signals from a larger number of radio sensors measured conditions outside the apartment and in specific areas, and then send the collected information to the controller with temperature regulation. System with an appropriate algorithm that takes into account the heat capacity of the building then on this basis to optimize the performance of devices such as air conditioning and heating to provide thermal comfort for the residents.

What we offer in this section?

In this category we present a wide range of sensors that allows data transmission via the Bluetooth interface of the latest generation (4.0). This, for example, the locators that allow you to create navigation systems inside buildings. There are also monitors energy consumption (magnetometers), through which you can manage and analyze during the electric devices to the moments of greatest energy consumption overlook the tariff with the lowest cost. Most of the sensors in our range provides control over multiple dimensions at once, for example: temperature sensor, humidity and pressure; temperature and pressure; a motion sensor and a magnetic field; a motion sensor, temperature and humidity; motion, temperature and pressure, as well as many others. We also the device to control the RFID identifiers, relay Bluetooth or a USB device. A very important goal also Bluetooth, for connecting to an Ethernet network and with sensors via Bluetooth.