iNode - sensors and modules Bluetooth Android

The iNode is a company that is known for high-quality automation devices for intelligent buildings. In the Botland store offer, you will find comprehensive home automation modules that allow you to monitor various sizes and physical parameters from measuring sensors. The design of this type of device is compatible with the latest communication and security standards. In this category, we offer high-quality sensors and modules that allow comprehensive control of intelligent home functions using a smartphone application. By using a dedicated mobile application, you can receive real-time information on data from measurement sensors, as well as control all home functions - e.g. equipment that simulates presence. With the help of iNode modules, you can also precisely determine the energy demand in terms of cooling and heating the building to choose the best operating temperature of heating and air conditioning devices. An important advantage of iNode devices is also their small dimensions, low power consumption and the ability to work on battery power.


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iNode - high-quality Bluetooth-based sensor devices

INode devices enable comprehensive implementation of intelligent installations for the needs of home automation, which are controlled using the Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0 wireless communication interface. Among the sensors offered by our store, you will find, among other intelligent measuring systems for monitoring energy consumption. Such devices enable the optimization of energy costs in order to reduce them. In the Botland store offer, you will also find multifunctional sensors that allow you to measure parameters of environmental conditions, such as temperature and humidity. However, using devices such as iNode LAN and iNode Care GSM, you can build an advanced communication system ensuring communication of iNode modules with a telephone and a computer. In this way, you can monitor all measurement data and events on an ongoing basis. However, with the help of iNode RFID modules, you can build security equipped with additional access control systems, e.g. for rooms in which you store valuable items or to protect against unauthorized persons starting machines and vehicles.

iNode - a wide spectrum of possibilities

INode automation devices have a lot of practical advantages. To realize wireless communication, they have a built-in Bluetooth BLE module, which is characterized by even lower energy consumption compared to previous versions of Bluetooth. Thanks to the battery power supply, iNode modules can be installed in places where access to power from the power grid is difficult. On a single battery charge, the iNode series devices can operate up to 365 days throughout the year. An important advantage from the point of view of practice is the possibility of storing data from measurement sensors and recording events. Thanks to the applied sensors, using iNode modules you can monitor parameters such as ambient temperature, atmospheric pressure, humidity, acceleration of objects and detection of the presence of individuals in the monitored zone. Dedicated software for handling iNode modules is compatible with Windows, Android, as well as with most of the Linux distributions.