iNode - Android Bluetooth sensors and modules

All apartments, offices, houses or public buildings should be equipped with special advanced sensors which constantly monitor the environment so that every tenant or person staying at the property feels safe. iNode guarantees satisfaction for all those who wish to prepare their houses, backyards or establishments for any contingency. Don’t put the safety of people around you at risk and choose reliable solutions.


Smart Home

iNode for all houses and backyards

Every property owner wants to constantly have all the necessary information at hand. It’s a good idea to focus on the object, its condition and things that might happen during your absence. Very often real property is the greatest investment made by its owner and it creates a real asylum for the whole family. iNode offers top quality sensors suitable for all residential buildings. Your smart home and safety is just around the corner. Don’t wait with mounting these components - there is no point in exposing your beloved ones to risk.

On our offer you can find, among others, temperature, motion, humidity and pressure sensors. They are compact modules compatible with globally famous Arduino and Windows systems. Creating your own weather station or home monitoring system shouldn’t be problematic, even if you aren’t experienced in working with such devices.

Sensors in establishments, factories and warehouses

Securing the establishment where people work and live is the responsibility of every entrepreneur. Useful products that can be distinguished in this category include for example, motion sensors, accelerometers and magnetometers, RFID sensors, locators or even energy consumption monitors.

Such components help to control the situation and ensure safety of people staying in the building. Apart from that, they are also useful in verifying which places consume the most energy and this, in turn, translates into generating additional savings and eliminating many failures, which aren’t noticeable at first glance.

iNode is a perfect choice for both private owners and entrepreneurs who really care about the security of their property and its users.