Music is an important part of many people's lives. If Your day can not go without constant access to the favorite playlist, check out the offer available in our online store headphones. We have in-ear headphones wired and wireless (Bluetooth), ideal for use with mobile devices. Also here you will find headphones with microphone, as well as models of overhead, perfectly adapted for home use, music and video playback as well as play. But how to choose the right model?

Products by page

Products by page

Headphones for all occasions

Choosing the correct headphones should begin with determining what actions you do most often and in what conditions the earphones will be used. If you exercise, travel frequently or spend a lot of time on city walks, a great choice would be wireless headphones. Almost all wireless headphones available on the market communicate with mobile devices or computers via Bluetooth. The choice you have headphones and intrathecal mono and stereo. The first is intended primarily for talking on the phone without having to hold the phone to the ear is the ideal solution for drivers or businessmen, often leading sometimes long conversations. Bluetooth headset Kruger&Matz Traveler K12 KM0399 is a compact device with a microphone, and a battery that can withstand up to 5 hours talktime and 4 days in standby mode. To charge, simply connect it using the micro USB cable to the computer port or charger phone (5V / 0.5 A).

Earphone for active

Wireless stereo headphones can be sold as two tubes is connected by a wire (e.g., earbuds Blow 4.1 Bluetooth microphone), or as two separate mono headphone that after connecting both devices are in the role of stereos. That way and work great headphones Hugo TWS, model USL-1079 – in the kit you get two tiny in-ear headphones that let you listen to your favorite music up to 3 hours or to talk up to 3,5 hours. Thanks to Hugo TWS, you can forget about even a short wire connecting present in other models of this type of device. For sports great headphones with an additional arc, to protect from falling out of ear while running or an intense workout at the gym.

Headphones USB

A great choice for listening music, watching movies or games at home will be wired over-ear headphones with microphone Ar-Hero USB. This model has a built-in sound card stereo and connects to any computer (even a Raspberry Pi) via standard USB port. This is a great alternative to conventional headphones with cable and plug the mini-Jack, especially when the built-in sound card provides too low quality sound or audio Jack is occupied by another device. Headphones computer Art Hero USB allow for video conferences and calls using your favorite device, since large and comfortable ear cushions provide comfort even during prolonged use. The cable length is in the model 2.4 m.