Without music, the world would be worse, and there is no doubt that music is an important part of many people's lives. If your day also cannot be good without listening to your favorite playlist, a sign that you also need good music equipment. Take a look at the available headphones in the Botland online store!

In this category you will find various types of headphones. Check the available wired and wireless (Bluetooth) earphones. These are products that reduce outside sounds, so you can count on an even better audio experience! They are perfect for cooperation with mobile devices. Of course, in this category you will also find classic headphones, headphones with a microphone and over-ear headphones - perfect for home use, music, movies and gaming. But how do you choose the right headphone model? You can read about it below! Check out the entire range of headphones from the Botland store - your home electronics store now!

Products by page

Products by page

Choose headphones for every occasion

Choosing the right headphones is the process that starts with determining what you do most. It is also important in what conditions the headphones will be used. If you often do sports, travel, are physically active or simply like to go for walks often, then wireless headphones will be the perfect product for you. Wireless headphones do not restrict your movement, so you can do whatever you want and listen to your favorite playlist at the same time!

Almost all wireless headphones available on the market communicate with mobile devices or computers via Bluetooth (this is the most popular variant, but on the other hand, not the only one!) You can choose from both mono and stereo in-ear headphones. The former are mainly intended for making calls without having to hold the phone to your ear. Such products will be an ideal solution for drivers, managers and entrepreneurs who often have to hold long talks. What is worth choosing? Pay attention to the Kruger & Matz Traveler K12 KM0399 wireless Bluetooth headphones. These are compact devices with a built-in microphone and a battery (up to 5 hours of talk time or 4 days of standby). To fully charge, just connect such headphones with a micro USB cable to the port of a computer or telephone charger (5V / 0.5A).

Wireless headphones for active users

Wireless stereo headphones can be sold either as two headphones connected by a cable (see Blow 4.1 Bluetooth earphones with built-in microphone) or as two separate mono headphones. The second variant is interesting because after pairing both earbuds with the device, you will get an ideal device that works well as a small stereo set. A perfect example of such a device will be the uGO TWS headphones. Check the USL-1079 model of headphones - the set includes two tiny earbuds, thanks to which you can listen to your favorite music for up to 3 hours or talk for up to 3.5 hours! Thanks to uGO TWS, you do not need connecting cables, popular in other models of this type of devices. Headphones with an additional headband are also perfect for sports. This is a great convenience, the purpose of which is to prevent the earpiece from falling out of the ear during a run or intense exercise in the gym.

Choose USB headphones for greater experiences

If you are wondering what headphones to choose, check out models with USB output. They are great and universal products, regardless of whether you want to listen to music, watch movies or play games on the console or computer. Check out the models of USB headphones with a microphone such as Art Hero USB. This product has a built-in stereo sound card and connects to any computer (even a Raspberry Pi and Arduino) via a regular USB port. It is a great alternative to ordinary headphones with a cable terminated with a mini jack plug. Thanks to this, you have better sound quality even with a weaker sound card! What is more, the Art Hero USB computer headphones allow you to conduct videoconferences and chats using your favorite messenger. The cable length in this model is 2.4 m.

Remember to consider your own preferences when choosing headphones. You can make a list of the most important benefits of headphones and choose the device according to these guidelines. We are pretty sure that In Botland electronic store you will find devices that will suit best your needs!

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