Cables USB C

Cables USB C

The person starting the adventure with any electronics, probably can get caught in the tangle of various cables USB that are currently on the market. Surprising, because a lot of them, not each is compatible with all devices. For this reason, a total revolution in the USB cable,-C, which has the task to unify the needs of users. How? This cable can be equipped with full-size plugins, which have dimensions suitable for micro USB. That is, we can now use as large of hardware, like laptops, but smaller, such as smartphones. Our store also offers the entire palette of the wires of high quality which will allow you to enjoy the convenience and comfort of use, and in addition for a small price.


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Pros cables USB C

The most important from the point of view of us, as users advantage USB cables-C is a much faster device charging, even at 100 watts, That is a lot faster than previous versions of USB. Simultaneously, devices that have ports that have the ability to transfer files with high bandwidth. In addition, due to its symmetry there is no need to install them in the right direction, as it took place, for example on a USB-A. Save your nerves, because, probably, everybody tried to connect the phone to the charger several times until I finally got into the correct position of the plug. It is possible to note the similarity to the Lightning port, which is used in Apple devices. USB cables-C use a technology called SuperSpeed+ and cables are considered to be the future.

Should know

Selection of the correct type harness, is insanely important for items that we want to connect. Especially just for USB-C, because it's a brand new connector which requires the use of appropriate wires. New USB type-C is not compatible with older cables, so you need to purchase a new one. USB cables-C created they think about the new devices that can Botland offers USB cables-high quality, made of very good materials. If you choose a cable of unknown origin and with an extremely low cost, you can put yourself at risk of failure. Not worth the risk of damaging your expensive devices.

Interesting fact

You can upload the video to two displays simultaneously, and it is in 4K. And this is all due to the fact that the wires of the USB-C, have much higher throughput. It is only necessary to check which standard that has one wire USB-C, but the items you use. In our product range you will find wires that support the Power Delivery, which allows you to charge devices with a large power consumption.