Cables USB C

USB cables-C - In the range of Botland store you will find high quality USB cables-C specifying, in particular, different length, so that the choice of model depending on his needs no problem. Our buses are notable for their durability, even with intensive use, so they are happy to choose not only the professionals who use them for professional purposes, but primarily at home users who appreciate smooth operation. In addition, we offer a number of extremely useful adapters, and adapters, thanks to which instantly change the standard to the one you want. If your device includes a USB connector of type C have to buy the appropriate wires to it.

Popular cable is the USB type-C

In our assortment you will find, in particular, the wires in the braid, which differ in improved elasticity and increased resistance to mechanical damage. Available in both white and black models. This type of cable on one side ends in a standard USB 2.0 type A, on the other hand - tip USB 2.0 a type C. This combination makes that the maximum speed at which data can be supplied, is about 480 Mbit/sec. We offer lengths from 1 to 2 meters , and models with additional functionality. Selected cables USB C available in our store allow you to charge the standard Power Delivery, with power up to 60 watts.

USB type-C accessories

In our store available adapters to transition from a standard micro USB type B USB type C. The product of this type allows, in particular, direct connection of power supply to popular minikomputera Raspberry Pi 4. Another very useful adapter, which you'll find in our online shop has cable, on the one hand, the completed connector USB 3.0 type A, and with another-USB-C type. The product of this type will allow You, in particular, to connect a flash memory for mobile devices. USB cable-C for connection to the adapter is immediately available, in particular for fast data transfer.

USB-C - multi-port Adapters

For the more demanding users or people who appreciate the versatility and broad functionality, we offer high quality multi-port adapters. Our devices have a range of connectors like Ethernet, HDMI, USB 3.0, USB-C and a slot for SD memory cards. The adapter supports a maximum resolution of 4K provides an instant download of the and incredibly high data transfer rate. USB cables-C offering in our store are features, so they are a necessary item of equipment for each professional and Amateur.