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The use of such elements as, for example, the pin goldpin connectors, is a great relief, allowing fast and comfortable work with modern systems and structures. We recommend you to see the offer located in our store we guarantee customers high quality product range and service..


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Products by page

Products by page

Pin goldpin connectors – easy installation and intelligent design

Planning complex projects based on minikomputerach high performance, you should take into account all possible situations that can take place in the process of designing, programming and use. Failures of electronic equipment occur occasionally, so that items that are damaged, should be replaced in a fast and convenient way, for example, using szpilkowych goldpin connector. This is a much better idea than connecting systems and components using soldering irons.

A good example is, in particular, high speed connection systems Raspberry Pi display using socket szpilkowego goldpin. In case of necessity of replacement or disassembly, the whole procedure will be much faster than if there was a need odlutowania wires and repeat the whole process again. It is also a much more attractive proposition for beginners who want to start their adventure with the design of intelligent automation systems or robotics, but don't feel too confident working with a soldering iron.

Szpilkowa goldpin socket – wide range of products

Although the connectors and pin strips goldpin have a particularly simple design, in assortment of our shop you can find a lot of products with different characteristics. The important role played by the size, depth of contacts, and even their length, shape, and fracture. We, in particular, the models that have 1x2, 2x4, 1x50, 2x40 pins, louver length 1.27 mm, 2 mm, 2.54 mm and even – of course, you can count on the availability of connectors and plugs male and female.

We invite you to see the range of equipment every day we care about the highest quality of product and customer service, so we are able to guarantee the satisfaction and quality guarantee.