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Goldpin pin sockets are one of the most popular connectors commonly used in electronics. It is hardly surprising. They are mainly used as intermediate connectors between PCB circuits and external equipment. They are known for their simplicity, reliability and versatility of applications.


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Products by page

In this category of online Botland electronics store you will find many different models of goldpin sockets. We sell both single-row and double-row sockets. You can choose female goldpin connectors or male connectors. When it comes to such a parameter as the pins pitch, there are connectors with a pitch of 1.27 mm, 2.00 mm and 2.54 mm. Of course, of the three variants, the latter, 2.54 mm, is the most popular. In addition, goldpin connectors are available in our version for through-hole mounting (THT) and surface mounting (SMD). The high quality of the materials used guarantees a reliable and mechanically and electrically stable connection between the cooperating devices. Please see the products below. For more detailed information, go to the card of the selected goldpin.

Design of goldpin connectors 

How do goldpin connectors work? It turns out very simply, which is one of the main advantages of such a solution.

Goldpin connectors based on pins (goldpin) can be connected in several ways. Typically one part of the connector is male pins, soldered to the PCB, the ends of which may be perpendicular to the surface of the board. They can also be arranged in parallel in the form of leads suitably curved at an angle of 90 °. 

The most common goldpin connectors are single-row goldpin connectors and double-row goldpin connectors with a pitch of 2.54mm. This is the most popular raster variant that you will generally find in a multitude of devices around you. Such connectors are also commonly implemented with programmable electronics assemblies. Goldpin connectors, usually with 2.54 mm rasters, are found in very popular motherboards and Arduino Shields, they are also found in Raspberry Pi boards and many others. Of course there are some exceptions. An example can be PVC tiles from XBee, which use goldpin connectors with a pitch of 2.00 mm.

Gold – a metal with so many advantages that it is commonly used in electronics

Due to its very good physical and chemical properties, gold is used not only in jewelry. It is commonly used in electronics and components for programmable electronics. An interesting fact is that if you count and connect together all the small elements of electronic components from popular electronic devices that are made of gold, it would turn out that we have much more such gold in the world than the entire gold reserves of many large countries!

Either way, gold is a very good conductor due to its very low resistivity. For this reason, gold is used in the manufacture of electronic connectors, allowing very small currents to pass. Compared to other metals with low resistivity, such as copper and silver, gold is much more resistant to aggressive environmental conditions that can lead to corrosion. A gold alloy containing metals such as nickel and cobalt increases its mechanical strength. Going further, therefore, gold is used in the production ofgoldpin connectors, ensuring a reliable connection between the cooperating electronic circuits.

Why is it worth choosing goldpins and other assortment in the Botland store?

When choosing shopping in the Botland store, you choose first of all quality available at attractive prices. Botland is a shop founded by enthusiasts of electronics, automation and programmable electronics (e.g. Arduino, RaspberryPi). For this reason, we know perfectly well what components should be proposed to be compatible with the DIY projects you want to create. The same goes for goldpins. Our offer includes only verified, safe and generally recommendedgoldpinconnectors, the use of which is certainly safe. When choosing, remember to check the technical parameters of individual connectors and make sure that the product will match the adopted selection criteria. If you want, just contact us!