Connectors pin - goldpin

Connectors pin type goldpin are one of the most popular connectors used in electronics as a contact mediator between the circuits on the circuit Board PCB and external equipment. The store Botland you will find single and double row goldpin connectors are type a female and male with pitch 1.27 mm, 2.00 mm and 2.54 mm. Goldpin connectors are available in versions for installation problems (THT) and surface (SMD). High quality of used materials guarantees reliable and stable mechanical and electrical connection between devices cooperating.


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The design of the connectors goldpin

Connectors based on the findings szpilkowych (goldpin) can be combined in several ways. As a rule, one part of the connector presents the conclusions pin male a type solder for printed circuit BOARDS, the ends of which can be installed perpendicular to the surface of the tiles or in parallel, in the form of conclusions, respectively, bent at an angle of 90°. The most common type goldpin connectors, sockets single and double row with a pitch equal to 2.54 mm. These connectors meet, in particular, boards of Arduino and Raspberry Pi, and tile XBee use connectors with a pitch of 2.00 mm.

Gold is the metal of the many benefits that has revealed itself in electronics

Because of its very good physical and chemical properties, gold has been used not only in jewelry but also in electronics. Due to the very low resistance of gold is very good conductor and is therefore used for the production of connectors, electronic devices, allowing the flow of very small currents. In comparison with other metals of low resistance, such as copper or silver, gold is definitely more resistant to aggressive environmental conditionsthat can lead to corrosion. The gold alloy containing such metals as Nickel or cobalt, increases its mechanical strength. For these reasons, gold is used for the production of connectors szpilkowych goldpin type, providing a reliable connection between the cooperating electronic systems.