Other minicomputer boards

Other miniature computers with the latest processors, running Windows, Linux and Android.


  • All Minicomputers SBC

    Miniature computers are called very often , computers, jednopłytkowymi and mikrokomputerami. Based on "System-on-a-chip" and consist of several components such as microprocessor, graphics and bone of RAM. Unrivalled market leader in minicomputers, of course, is the...

  • Raspberry Pi platform

    Popular minikomputer Raspberry Pi on all versions.

  • Banana Pi boards

    The range of accessories for the tile. Although most users of mini-computers based on the popular modules Arduino and Raspberry Pi , we want to present to all lovers of programming and development design electronic something that will certainly allow them to discover new...

  • FriendlyARM NanoPi boards

    NanoPi - series mini-computer with a small size. Also have communication interfaces and GPIO connector familiar with the Raspberry Pi . The range of accessories for the tile.

  • Odroid boards

    If Arduino or Raspberry Pi don’t meet your expectations, maybe it is worth considering some less popular designs which often ensure satisfaction with the choice, high efficiency and good price. Familiarize yourself with the attractive offer of  Odroid . In our...

  • Onion IoT boards

    Technology is constantly evolving in two specific directions - the first one is to maximize equipment performance and improve its parameters, the second one is to miniaturize components and systems.  Onion IoT  is a perfect example, it was launched in 2016 and...

  • Rock Pi

    High-performance minicomputers based on Rockchip processor.

  • Khadas boards

    Miniature computers of the series VIM with a powerful processor Amlogic in buildings.

  • LattePanda boards

    Miniature computers with operating system Windows 10 . The range of accessories for tile.  LattePanda has an Intel Cherry Trail Z8300 Quad Core 1.8GHz processor and offers 2GB or 4GB of RAM, as well as 16GB or 32GB of eMMC memory, intended for the operating system. We...


    Miniature computers NVIDIA-equipped special systems and software.

  • UP boards

    Miniature computers UP work with Android, Windows 10 and Ubuntu Linux.

  • Sparky boards

    Minikomputer equipped with ARM Cortex A9 together with accessories.

  • Particle IoT

    Main modules from Particle Photon series with accessories.

  • Sony Spresense

    New IoT platform from Sony based on CXD5602 microcontroller with ARM Cortex M4F core

  • Pine64 - Rock64 boards

    A family of high-performance single board minicomputers together with accessories made by a Chinese company Pine64 . Rock64 are small sized one-disc devices powered 64-Bit Processor and support up to 4GB 1600MHz LPDDR3 memory. It provides an eMMC module...

  • Asus Trinker Boards

    Minikomputer Asus compatible with the Raspberry Pi.

  • PyCom ESP32 boards

    Wireless modules Pycom-based system ESP32 series WiPy, LoPy, GiPy, FiPy and SiPy.

  • STM32 boards

    Sets Nukleo and "discovery" with 32-bit mikrokontrolerami equipped with ARM Cortex.

  • FPGA boards

    Outdoor development pozwalaje learning service FPGA chips.

  • pcDuino boards

    A family of high-performance minicomputers jednopłytowych together with accessories.

  • AVR boards

    Modules that use microcontrollers from Atmel AVR family.

  • Husarion boards

    Controllers with 32 bit microcontroller with ARM Cortex.

  • BeagleBone boards

    The tile under the sign BeaglBoard. In the proposal, among other BeagleBone Black.

  • Intel boards

    The range of kits Intel Galileo and Intel Edison.

  • RepRap boards

    Elements for creating popular samoreplikującej yourself a 3D printer.

  • CubieBoard boards

    Miniature computers and accessories from Surry CubieBoard.

  • Red Pitaya boards

    Oscilloscope-based minikomputerze Linux.

  • NXP LPC boards

    Sets mikrokontrolerami NXP LPC series 32 bit.

  • Freedom Freescale boards

    Board with a microcontroller of Freescale Kinetis - ARM Cortex M0+.

  • Texas Instruments boards

    Starter kits and accessories, particularly from the LaunchPad and BoosterPack from TI.

  • PIC boards

    Sets mikrokontrolerami PIC of company Microchip.


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