Other minicomputer boards

Other miniature computers with the latest processors, running Windows, Linux and Android.


  • All Minicomputers SBC

    Miniature computers are called very often , computers, jednopłytkowymi and mikrokomputerami. Based on "System-on-a-chip" and consist of several components such as microprocessor, graphics and bone of RAM. Unrivalled market leader in minicomputers, of course, is the...

  • Raspberry Pi platform

    Popular minikomputer Raspberry Pi on all versions.

  • Banana Pi boards

    The range of accessories for the tile. Although most users of mini-computers based on the popular modules Arduino and Raspberry Pi , we want to present to all lovers of programming and development design electronic something that will certainly allow them to discover new...

  • FriendlyARM NanoPi boards

    NanoPi - series mini-computer with a small size. Also have communication interfaces and GPIO connector familiar with the Raspberry Pi . The range of accessories for the tile.

  • Odroid boards

    A series of minicomputers very high performance, and also have communication interfaces and GPIO connector familiar with the Raspberry Pi. The range of accessories for the tile.

  • Onion IoT boards

    One of the smallest available on the market of IoT modules that are running Linux. In particular, the wi-fi module and the 15 interfaces-GPIO, PWM, UART, I2C, SPI. There are numerous pads and accessories.

  • Rock Pi

    High-performance minicomputers based on Rockchip processor.

  • Khadas boards

    Miniature computers of the series VIM with a powerful processor Amlogic in buildings.

  • LattePanda boards

    Miniature computers with operating system Windows 10. The range of accessories for tile


    Miniature computers NVIDIA-equipped special systems and software.

  • UP boards

    Miniature computers UP work with Android, Windows 10 and Ubuntu Linux.

  • Sparky boards

    Minikomputer equipped with ARM Cortex A9 together with accessories.

  • Particle IoT

    Main modules from Particle Photon series with accessories.

  • Sony Spresense

    New IoT platform from Sony based on CXD5602 microcontroller with ARM Cortex M4F core

  • Pine64 - Rock64 boards

    A family of high-performance minicomputers jednopłytowych together with accessories.

  • Asus Trinker Boards

    Minikomputer Asus compatible with the Raspberry Pi.

  • PyCom ESP32 boards

    Wireless modules Pycom-based system ESP32 series WiPy, LoPy, GiPy, FiPy and SiPy.

  • STM32 boards

    Sets Nukleo and "discovery" with 32-bit mikrokontrolerami equipped with ARM Cortex.

  • FPGA boards

    Outdoor development pozwalaje learning service FPGA chips.

  • pcDuino boards

    A family of high-performance minicomputers jednopłytowych together with accessories.

  • AVR boards

    Modules that use microcontrollers from Atmel AVR family.

  • Husarion boards

    Controllers with 32 bit microcontroller with ARM Cortex.

  • BeagleBone boards

    The tile under the sign BeaglBoard. In the proposal, among other BeagleBone Black.

  • Intel boards

    The range of kits Intel Galileo and Intel Edison.

  • RepRap boards

    Elements for creating popular samoreplikującej yourself a 3D printer.

  • CubieBoard boards

    Miniature computers and accessories from Surry CubieBoard.

  • Red Pitaya boards

    Oscilloscope-based minikomputerze Linux.

  • NXP LPC boards

    Sets mikrokontrolerami NXP LPC series 32 bit.

  • Freedom Freescale boards

    Board with a microcontroller of Freescale Kinetis - ARM Cortex M0+.

  • Texas Instruments boards

    Starter kits and accessories, particularly from the LaunchPad and BoosterPack from TI.

  • PIC boards

    Sets mikrokontrolerami PIC of company Microchip.


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