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MakeBlock - Not from today we know that the best method of development of knowledge and skills, is learning through play. This approach works especially well in the case of modern technology, which, although they are based on physics, mathematics and some theoretical subtleties of the other areas – in fact, they can deliver a lot of fun. Available in our offer robots, educational kits accessories MakeBlock will convince the youngest adepts of robotics that game automation is a great and instructive lesson.



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Products by page

Products by page

MakeBlock is a Science, which becomes a pleasure

Already only one design of the mounting frame of the robot mBot 1.1 series MakeBlock shows that the developers are interested in building, if possible, the most user-friendly platform robotycznej for children. Robocik smiling with eyes in the form of ultrasonic transducers based on the printer driver that is compatible with Arduino and moves on two large, ogumionych wheels. Mechanics compatible with Lego, giving unlimited opportunities for creative play and extensions robot on any items. Attractive set price makes it available not only for individual customers but also for schools where wielotorowym depends on the development of imagination for support from his disciples.

MakeBlock, smile!

Not only the round neckline in the shape of a smile, wyfrezowane in front of the stand for robot, MakeBlock, makes them an attractive appearance. Robots developing mBot-S Bluetooth stem complete with blue LED matrix 16x8 dots can do mine – in the literal sense, because this small display allows the creation of subtitles and emoticons, przydając distinctiveness. Also included is a Bluetooth module for communication with mobile devices, as well as an infrared remote control. For children and their parents a huge help to be colored, very clear installation instructions. In version 2.4 G allocated for schools, MakeBlock robot connects to the computer via a USB transmitter, so the children do not have to use their own phones and instead work on computers available in the school workshop.

Boredom? With MakeBlock has this opportunity!

To creative game give the young more opportunities for development, the creators of the robots from the MakeBlock went much further. They have created kits for kids that allow us to build many interesting designs based on the same set of elements. And Yes, sets Ultimate Robot Kit 2.0 supply components for the manufacture of a variety of mechanisms, and for the convenience of the manufacturer displays up to 10 suggestions ready and tested recipes for interesting educational robots. Among the ideas were left by the treads of the robot with the keyboard, equipped with a grapple truck for a camera platform capable of carrying even smaller DSLRs, as well as a simple 3D scanner using a smartphone to capture an image for further processing. Set MakeBlock 98050 supplies all the necessary elements that allow you to alter the robot platform mBot on "one" on his feet, affected by an eccentric on the driving wheels.