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Miniature computers are called very often , computers, jednopłytkowymiand mikrokomputerami. Based on "System-on-a-chip" and consist of several components such as microprocessor, graphics and bone of RAM. Unrivalled market leader in minicomputers, of course, is the Raspberry Pi.


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Products by page

Products by page

Miniature computers are full-fledged computers based on the ARM architecture. Used for the manufacture of modern and high-tech electronic products, and educational materials. Found application in medicine, agriculture, and transport. Represent product group happy enthusiasts recruited information technology.

The most important element minikomputera is a printed circuit Board, PCB. The development of such devices has gained popularity of miniature computers that have process of ARM core. He is responsible for the enhanced performance and low power consumption with increasing speed of operation of the device. Miniature computers are available in various sizes and, of course, more and more manufacturers are putting on the smallest size.

Designers reach in this area, impressive results, thanks to modern technology currently, there is a possibility of designing and manufacturing computers paid about 50 × 50 mm and only 5 mm in height, which both have integrated network support Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n and interface Bluetooth 4.0. On the performance of minicomputers is the influence of the used components. We offer our clients only those devices which meet the highest quality standards and are supplied from leading manufacturers in the electronics market. Please note the construction of the device, applied elements, as well as for innovative solutions, we value innovation!

Therefore, we offer miniature computers with different processors, RAM, power supply, operating system Linux, Android or Windows. We are ready for the high demands of the client.