Charger Li-Ion

Li-ion batteries use lithium compounds as one of the electrodes of the electrochemical battery. This kind of system enables repeated charging and discharging, that is more just with minimal loss of capacity in each cycle. Given that batteries of this type are used in many devices. Taking into account the need to maintain strictly defined parameters during charging of such a link requires a dedicated charger li-ion battery that will charge the battery in a safe way.

Modern chargers for lithium-ion batteries

Available in our online shop charger li-ion allows fast and safe charging of lithium-ion batteries in a wide range of parameters. Lithium-ion batteries arise in a wide range of sizes and voltages. Units are available in popular sizes AA and AAA, as well as less common as 18650, 18490 Li 10180. In addition, some chargers are equipped with balansery which allow you to charge the battery, consisting of several lithium-ion batteries. To use the balancer to charge this type of battery is needed to provide an identical voltage to each of the constituent elements of the system.

Lithium-ion batteries for large capacity and exceptional service life

Li-ion battery type electrochemical elements, which were introduced in the 70-ies of XX century. Li-ion batteries are currently widely used in portable electronic devices and electric vehicles. Are becoming increasingly popular in military applications and tickets. In these batteries, lithium ions move from the anode to the cathode during discharge and back during charging. These elements have a high energy density, no memory effect and low self discharge current.

Sophisticated algorithms battery charging

Lithium-ion batteries, however, they can present a security risk because they contain a combustible electrolyte. Especially if they are damaged or incorrectly charged. This can lead to explosions and fires. So require a special charger li-ion, unlike batteries, older technologies, such as links acid batteries. In our product range there are various chargers of this type that can charge the batteries in the form of links AA, AAA and other popular sizes.