Plugs and sockets for DC

Regardless of the type of electrical device or system, as well as its purpose, each of them requires power supply. If they are equipped with power supplies, the functions are fulfilled by DC sockets. It is important that the connector and the power supply unit connected to it are compatible with each other, i.e. they fit together properly. It is important to pay attention to the key parameters that determine this, i.e. the shape of the plug, as well as the maximum operating current and voltage. We offer a wide range of sockets, which have been designed and created taking into account a specific type of power supply. In our store you will find sockets that fit most DC power supplies, so you can be sure that the chosen one will be compatible with the power supply. At the same time you can use the option of a power outlet adapter. This will allow you to combine different power sources and thus increase your design capabilities. The DC sockets and plugs differ in appearance, shape, parameters, number of pins and type, such as male, female and male-female. 


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Products by page

Specifications of DC sockets 

Nowadays, we can choose from many different power outlets, which differ visually and technically. This gives you a chance to carry out the most ambitious projects with specific functionality. As far as the most important parameters are concerned, it is necessary to pay attention to the maximum, permissible operating voltage in order to avoid a possible failure or even irreparable damage to the whole device. Using too high voltage in relation to the manufacturer's recommendations and the specifics of the socket is also dangerous for the user. Furthermore, the maximum current that can be conducted through the connector is important. Depending on the socket parameters, the connector has a different shape. Usually it is checked that the bigger the current flows through the connector, the bigger the plug is. This is due to the need to provide lower resistance and at the same time reduce the voltage drop. Each connector is also equipped with appropriate insulation. It must be adapted to the operating voltage, because it is thanks to it that the socket or plug is protected against puncture. Otherwise, a short-circuit could occur, which ultimately results in a short circuit and damage to the device. 

The shapes of the connector are very different, but most often we will encounter a cylindrical connector. It is characterized by one pin in the middle and the external part in the form of a second pole of DC power supply. The middle pin is called "hot" and is located in it plus the power supply, while the outer one is present at ground level. However, there are no general recommendations concerning the location of voltage and ground. Such location is however most common. Plugs differ in length and diameter, so they have different sizes. They are the ones that decide to fit the connectors to each other without the need for a thorough analysis of technical parameters and detailed measurements. 

What else for DC sockets and plugs? 

DC plugs and sockets are a diverse range of products that require you to properly match the power supply. At the same time, you can combine them with each other and thus create more complex projects. You will need the right accessories to connect the plugs together. Among such options are screw connectors or ARK connectors. What possibilities do they offer? You can install the connector on the cable, but no soldering is required. However, if you use a plug board and it is the basis of your next project, we recommend goldpins. We plug them into the board, which we then use to create an electronic device. 

Check which DC plugs and sockets and interesting accessories we have prepared for all electronics and robotics. Take care of the proper power supply for your new device, match the plug to the power supply to make sure that they will work together properly. Take advantage of our accessories, allowing you to do even more in terms of designing and creating advanced electronic projects.