Plugs and sockets for DC

Plugs and sockets for DC - Any electronic circuit requires power. For devices with external power supplies, you need a DC Jack. This connector must have the appropriate options, suitable for plug - in power supply - operating voltage, maximum current, and the shape of the power plug. There are a variety of power supply standards - in our store you will find a wide range of slots, suitable for different DC power. In addition, the store Botland there are adapters for the power outlets that allow the binding of different power sources, for maximum compatibility. Make sure that you will find a search through You DC Jack.


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Products by page

A wide selection of power connectors

Power connector DC differ in many parameters. The main of them is the maximum allowable operating voltage and the maximum current that can flow through the connector. These parameters affect the shape of a fork - the more flow that it is not current, so it is usually more to provide lower resistance and reduce voltage drop. Operating voltage associated with the insulation used in the connector. This is very important, as exceeding the allowable voltage for the socket or plug can lead to breakdown and, consequently, a short circuit that can damage both the power system and the power of the device.

DC socket - power Connector with different parameters

Typical power connectors are cylindrical in shape. In the center is a single pin, and the outer part of the plug is the second pole of the source of DC power. There are no standards, talking about which of these two elements may be tension, and where there should be plenty, however in recent years it is generally accepted that the middle pin of socket or connector, so called “hot” - there is a plus power, while the outer part of the connector is at the level of the masses. The plug is characterized mainly by two parameters - length and diameter. This allows for fast matching to each other connectors, without the need to perform more complex measurements.

Universal accessories for power

In our product range you will find a wide choice not only of sockets and connectors and numerous accessoriesallowing for their inclusion and use in any systems DC power to the manufacture of the prototype. An example can be the connectors completed senior WORKSHEETS or screw connectors. This allows easy mounting of the plug on the wires, no soldering needed. In addition, there are also slots featuring goldpiny that much more is possible in tile pin, used for prototyping electronic devices.