UP board

UP is a company manufacturing miniature computers jednopłytkowe with a wide range of applications. In assortment of our shop you can find various modules - UP Board, UP, Square, etc. they are Based on Intel processors such as Intel Atom or Intel Celeron. Through the use of architectures x86, miniature computers, this compatible with Windows OS - modules UP can run Windows 10. In addition, you can install Android and Linux, in a number of different distributions.


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Jednopłytkowe modern computers with Intel processors

Module UP Board is minikomputer about the size of a credit card and at the same time high computational performance and low power consumption. This is possible thanks to the latest technology - Intel ATOM x5-Z8350. This is a 64-bit system with a clock frequency to 1.92 GHz. Built-in graphics processor, the new chip is Intel's eighth generation - HD400 with 12 execution units taktowanymi frequency up to 500 MHz. This provides extremely high performance 3D graphics. UP Board has 2 GB or 4 GB of DDR3L RAM and 16 GB or 32 GB Flash memory eMMC.

Computers jednopłytkowe with an Intel Celeron processor

In our product range there are also miniature computers UP Squared - stronger cousin of the UP Board. UP Square, according to the manufacturer, is the world's fastest motherboard for developers x86. It is based on the latest platform, Intel Apollo Lake. It minikomputer you were waiting for! In addition to the standard 40-pin GPIO compatible with Raspberry Pi, this module has a number of USB 3.0 ports, two Gigabit Ethernet, HDMI and other functions. Because of this, it is the perfect solution for a variety of other products such as robotics, drones, machine vision systems, automation for home, corporate identity etc. Due to the strong processor, compatibility with operating systems such as Linux, Android and Win 10, this is a very interesting minikomputer jednopłytkowy.

A wide range of accessories for computers jednopłytkowych UP

Miniature computers are UP 40-pin connector, a standard connector GPIO that allows you to pair them with several devices available in our store. In this connector, the current, for example, on ceramic tile UP Board, we can find a number of connectors, GPIO, and a digital serial interfaces such as SPI, I2C and UART. There is also an audio interface I2S, which allows the transmission of digital audio signal. 40-pin connector UP Board allows connection of analog signals to minikomputera, which further extends the connectivity of additional devices to the computer.