Solenoid valves regulate the flow of the working medium (liquid or gas). The control represents in them a magnet - the current flowing through it creates a magnetic field and changing the position of the valve. Solenoid valves are divided into direct actions and devices serwowspomaganiem second are used on large diameter pipes where the pressure medium is high. The solenoid valve is operated in one direction the medium can flow only in the specified for this device direction.

Solenoid valves

Valve for magnet, used in different fields, among other things, industry, the automotive industry or heating. Small solenoid valves controlled by computer or microcontroller (e.g. Arduino or Raspberry Pi or amplifier relay) is ideal for use in projects of electronic devices using solution, hydraulic or pneumatic. Thus, you can construct your own fountain, a robotic bartender or tap on the photocell.

Solenoid valve - to Choose the right model

Before wrong on a specific product, you need to determine in what conditions will operate the unit and what needs to be features. Basic parameters power (voltage, current consumption), dimensions (especially the diameter), the characteristics of the environment (temperature, viscosity, chemical composition or range of pressures of liquid or gas). It should also pay attention to the opening and closing of the valve and choose desired position ★ notice (open or closed).

The valve is direct or indirect actions?

Solenoid valves indirect acting (serwowspomagane) can be used in places where the pressure of the working medium or a section of pipe do not allow the use of the valve, working directly. Through this can be used in industrial environments where the fluid flow is large. There are, however, many drawbacks: the most significant of these is the shorter life spans and more time opening and closing than in the case of valves of direct action. Therefore, in the electronic projects (especially those that require high precision in the dosing medium) is used, as a rule, the valves of direct action.