Locks electric

Electric locks are ideal for use in various projects, electronic, especially those which are connected with the functioning of the house. This type of closure can be used in doors, drawers or boxes. The electric locks do not require use of the key, Wake up , and can be combined with various electronic elements, which allows their use even in very complex projects (e.g. the system of Smart House).

Castles electrical is a convenient and modern solution

Electric locks are widely used in places where a system of protection against unauthorized access. Therefore find application in factories or offices, but also at the gates of the protected villages, in garages or furtkach. It is also great protection from children, so parents often set them in the drawers, the doors or the Windows and other places that are potentially dangerous for kids. There are many types of electric locks, which, depending on its characteristics is used in different situations.

How does the electric castle?

The easiest electric lock is elektrozaczep main (default closed). It has a housing within which is located a locking pin and a magnet. It is an attempt to stress triggers a magnet that triggers the lock latch (in the case of the simplest design, the magnet just attracts the bolt) and opens the lock. The current is switched off, making the pin returns to its original position (e.g., in a corresponding hole in the door frame) and close the lock. Reversible electric lock works in reverse: the door will be unlocked when the circuit is not flowing current. This property makes elektrozaczepy rewersyjne often used in fire extinguishing systems.

What projects are using the electric locks?

Electric locks can be combined with other electronic elements, which gives great opportunities and allows the use of technically complex projects. For example, you can build your own safe, which opens the appropriate combination of buttons or box to protect the apartment from the access of young children, placing the opening of his button out of reach.

Before choosing a specific model

Locks electric different mode of action, type of power, resistance to damage and other parameters. If you have already decided what type of castle You want (the initial position process, adaptation to the doors right/left/double, etc.), you need to choose the model best suited for Your needs. It is necessary to determine such parameters as the size of the slot, the distance between the mounting holes, current, voltage, power, strength (especially in the case of loaded locks, for example, installed in a door or gate) and possible compatibility with other elements of the electronic used in the project.