Cables and IDC connectors

Cables and IDC connectors - IDC Connector is the electrical connection, intended for connection with wires in isolation, positioned tightly next to each other in the form of a tape. IDC connectors can be compression fittings on the lines without removing them from isolation, using special crimping machines. If the connection is successful, the connectors connected to the conductors in the cable, creating a theoretically secure, tight connection. Kit with IDC connector creates a so-called connector wanienkowe, sometimes called port flange. It's kind of wielopinowego connectors szpilkowegothat in a simple way allows you to connect a variety of signals.


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Products by page

Products by page

IDC connectors and ribbon cables for connecting electronic

Cable type ribbon is designed for use with wielostykowymi the IDC connectors in such a way that many calls can be simultaneously made with the installation of the connector on the probe wire. These connectors are not designed for repeated use, but often can be reused if the cable is unplugged remains cautious. IDC connectors suggests to tape the wires using special crimping machines, however, subject to caution, small connectors can be considered yourself, or using a Vice.

Compact connectors wanienkowe for a large number of signals

Used with IDC connectors connector wanienkoweprovide a rigid connection of strips for printed circuit boards. Such connectors have special guides through which the wires are arranged properly. Wanienkowe connectors are available in vertical and connectors on the edges, i.e. at an angle of 90 degrees. In addition, the connection was even simpler to implement, pin 1 is usually indicated on the connector body in red.

Easy installation of connectors on cables, tape

Ribbon cables allow for extremely easy mounting IDC connectors or connectors with the ribbon. In our online store are available colorful tape (each wire a different color), and gray, in which case, the first wire in the ribbon, usually marked with a red stripe, a convex formed by the back or stamped images on cable insulation. IDC connectors suggests to tape the cables with special crimping machines that also can be purchased in our store.