The wheel was invented in the mid-4th millennium BC in Mesopotamia. At that time, it was not yet expected to play such a major role in the development of technology in the future. Today no mobile robot or machine can move without wheels. They are the ones that make it possible to create such devices that would be able to replace or at least help man in many areas and fields. The wheel is used in transport, it is the element thanks to which individuals can move. This applies not only to cars, bicycles or forklifts, but also to robots performing human tasks. The wheel is an element of the power train. However, the efficiency of the mobile robot's work depends to a significant extent on it, under what conditions, at what speed and with what efficiency it will move and overcome obstacles. In our offer you will find a wide range of wheels, from simple, basic models to much more advanced ones, used for special tasks. Moreover, electronic control modules for electric motors are available in the shop. All this will allow you to make your project real and move your robot.


  • Wheel crawler Wheel crawler

    Mankind has for many centuries tried to find the ideal solution for more powerful vehicles. And, as is usual in the art, revolutionary solution – which in the minds of engineers first appeared in the late nineteenth century spread; in fact, only by the army. This, of...

  • Wheels with tires Wheels with tires

    Design enter the drift of the robot, with the exception of the necessary auxiliary equipment (e.g. control electronics), which requires the selection of appropriate wheels. In robots are installed at least two electric motors - one for driving forward and backward, and...

  • Wheel-type Omni Wheel Wheel-type Omni Wheel

    Wheel drive is still the most popular and easy way of navigation land mobile platforms. In the case of robots, both Amateur and fully professional – has two independent wheels, making the car can move forward and backward, turn in any radius, and also rotate on the spot....

  • Polyurethane wheels - high adhesion Polyurethane wheels - high adhesion

    Adhesion to substrate is a key parameter not only in the automotive industry, where it is one of the main factors of safety and driving comfort, but also in the field of robotics, mobile. Although in the case of a simple Amateur of robots moving on a table, floor or carpet, it...


Motor - shaft

Products by page

Products by page

Caterpillar tracks and wheels

While the wheel is a well-known and used component of the powertrain, the track is already used slightly less frequently in mobile vehicles and machines. However, both parts have their own individual purpose and we will use them in specific designs and conditions. The wheel has a simple design, although advanced models may seem complicated to build. The differences, however, depend on the purpose of the wheel and the adaptation of its structure to the more difficult conditions in which the robot is to move. The caterpillar track is visually different from the wheel. It has a different structure and is therefore used in other projects. The caterpillar is a special mechanism which is supposed to increase the contact surface of the vehicle with the ground. At the same time, there is a reduction in unit pressure, which in turn determines the better handling of the terrain. In large sizes, caterpillar tracks are found in excavators, tanks and armored conveyors. In our shop they are available in miniature versions, but the purpose of their use in vehicles is the same. We recommend caterpillar tracks for robots that will move in very difficult conditions, such as uneven or sandy terrain. They are distinguished by a more complicated and complex construction than the wheel. We recommend ready-made sets to construct a caterpillar, as well as already assembled chassis, in which this type of drive is located. For the whole thing to work, however, we still need to complete it with a control system, which is also available in our shop in various variants.

Special purpose wheels

Simple wheels and high-tech caterpillar tracks are not the only ones we offer for mobile robots. We have prepared a wide range of systems that will allow you to build a machine that does even more advanced work. These include Omni Wheel type wheels. These are unusual wheels that allow the robot to move in all directions, not just one axis. Such a robot will roll forward, backward and sideways. This is possible thanks to the use of special rollers, located in the right place. Omni Wheel in some cases requires additional drive. This is not the case with Mecanum wheels. They will move sideways thanks to the drive applied to the axis of the wheel itself, so they do not need any advanced technology or electronics. They are therefore often used for the first more ambitious designs. We recommend them to hobbyists, who have the design of their first robot, moving in all directions.

Find the wheels for your robot! Will it be the simplest, most versatile wheels or maybe a caterpillar, providing better ground grip and dedicated to robots operating in difficult conditions? Or maybe you need wheels that allow the robot to move in all directions, like Omni Wheel or Mecanum wheels? All this is available in Botland.