The wheel - Even a popular electronics do not move the work to the millimeter, if the system will not be relied on chassis equipped with wheels or caterpillar. In our product range you will find a wide range of drive systems, designed for all kinds of cars or robots. There are wheels and a complete, integrated drive systems, consisting of engine, gearbox and wheels. Also available electronic control modules for electric motors. Wheels, which we offer, can finally allow Your robot to move.


  • Wheel crawler Wheel crawler

    Mankind has for many centuries tried to find the ideal solution for more powerful vehicles. And, as is usual in the art, revolutionary solution – which in the minds of engineers first appeared in the late nineteenth century spread; in fact, only by the army. This, of course,...

  • Wheels with tires Wheels with tires

    Design enter the drift of the robot, with the exception of the necessary auxiliary equipment (e.g. control electronics), which requires the selection of appropriate wheels. In robots are installed at least two electric motors - one for driving forward and backward, and...

  • Wheel-type Omni Wheel Wheel-type Omni Wheel

    Wheel drive is still the most popular and easy way of navigation land mobile platforms. In the case of robots, both Amateur and fully professional – has two independent wheels, making the car can move forward and backward, turn in any radius, and also rotate on the spot. But...

  • Polyurethane wheels - high adhesion Polyurethane wheels - high adhesion

    Adhesion to substrate is a key parameter not only in the automotive industry, where it is one of the main factors of safety and driving comfort, but also in the field of robotics, mobile. Although in the case of a simple Amateur of robots moving on a table, floor or carpet, it...


Motor - shaft:

Products by page

Products by page

Wheels and drive systems for robots

The wheel is the simplest element, mechanical, as you can imagine. Invented about five thousand years ago, and since then has undergone a huge evolution. Initially it was lite, and later with the spokes to reduce their weight. In the XX century there were wheels with rubber tyres and dmuchanymi dętkami. They have a huge number of advantages - they are lighter, and they provide some degree of cushioning. These wheels are ideal for robots, riding on rough and poorly prepared area.

Robotic loaders and crawler

In our store available as wheeland caterpillar. If the wheels can be considered a simple device that allows the robots to move, the caterpillars are already much more complex. In our product range has complete sets, allowing for the construction of the rollers, as well as all the sophisticated chassis, equipped with this type of drive. In these systems not only enough electronics to control a vehicle. Caterpillar offers a number of advantages for robots - improved traction, especially on uneven ground, less risk of getting stuck.

Additional wheels for vehicles, driving

Wheel-type Omni Wheel allow the robot to not only move on one axis. Normal wheels able to turn in one direction only, but there are structures that allow turning from side to side. Wheels such as Omni Wheel or Mecanum, with the help of specially positioned rollers allow turning in unexpected directions. If the wheels Omni Wheel may require additional drive, Mecanum it allows turning to the side, using an actuator attached to the axis of the wheel itself. Don't need no modern electronics, it is sufficient only independent drive on two axes. Wheels, which we offer, can połączaniu with the appropriate drive to put Your project in motion.