Bluetooth Speakers

Portable bluetooth speakers is a great sound source that you can take with you almost anywhere. These compact, portable devices that combine acoustic system, power amplifier and audio receiver that uses the bluetooth interface. The sound source transmitted for this speaker is, most often, a smartphone or a laptop computer, which transmits via bluetooth the audio signal come from files contained on the media device. In our store you will find a wide selection of bluetooth speakers of different power, size and functionality. Their price is very attractive.

Portable audio source with a wireless interface

Wireless speakers are devices that pick up sound signals using radio waves, not wires audio. The two most popular standards for audio transmission in such systems, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Bluetooth speakers are more popular, given the fact that this standard is more common in audio devices as well as equipment such as laptops or mobile phones.

High power in a compact package

Available in our online store, bluetooth speakers have built-in power amplifier that delivers high volume, despite the compact dimensions. Some of the devices have a capacity of up to 150 In, thanks have a great voice even a large room and to provide good audibility of sounds and music from your smartphone on the free space. In small spaces, for everyday use, we recommend bluetooth speakers less power - in the range of from 3 V to 30 V.

Additional features available in bluetooth speakers

Some of the speakers, bluetooth, available in our store, have much more features than just playing music. Part of the device has a built-in FM radio, allowing not only listen to music from your smartphone or laptop, but also ordinary radio. In our store you can find also devices, for example, with Alexa Voice Amazon.