Connectors Amphenol FCI

Connectors Amphenol FCI " argument is a family of crimp connectors with electric. They are intended to connect the tips of the flat cables FFS. Label this applies to any kind of electric cable which is thin and flexible. It is recognized, however, that the term of the FSF refers to the extremely thin flat cable often found in applications of electronic devices with high density, such as laptops and mobile phones. The store Botland, you can find such cables as, for example, pressure sensors, equipped with the described findings. Products of this series, in addition to connecting with cables FFS also allow for a clinch on the flexible printed circuit boards and circuits made from conductive ink.


Conn Type
Conn - Standard

Wielorazowe crimp connectors

Family Argument – the connectors the company Amphenol FCI can be used to terminate flat flexible cable (CFF), due to the huge simplicity of use this connector. Connector you can connect a tape FSF for standard screw connector or other connector pitch 2.54 mm or special connector FCI Clincher. The use of these connectors is very simple – just insert the flat end of the cable into the connector and tighten them. Connectors Amphenol FCI can be repeatedly mounted on the tape FSF, the goal of their completion of the connection. Convenient way they can be connected to other devices, modules or line of contact plates.

Convenient and safe installation FFS

Connectors for strips Amphenol FCI Clincher is designed to provide the highest possible level of security of the connection and its low accident rate. These connectors are sealed. The connection is sealed, but it also protects against penetration of dirt. Due to the fact that the electrical connection keeps the all time high the connection settings – low resistance connectors and a high level of reliability. In addition, the connector body has a window that allows you to control the correctness of the crimp to verify correct installation. All the connectors of the Argument have additional protection against wypięciem. In this regard, they are ideal for applications that are experiencing shocks or vibration.

A lot of interesting applications for connectors clincher

Although the connector Argument created mainly for use with ribbons of the FSF, you can also wpinanie other flat conductors connectors Amphenol FCI, conductive printing inks on a flexible basis or PCB type flex (flexible kaptonowym or poliamidowym dielektryku). This type of management is extremely widely used in industry, not only to connect themselves tapes of the FSF, but many devices and sensors. Flexible PCB flex type often produces membrane keyboards, and tape the FSF often terminują sensors such as tensometry, sensors sagging or pressure sensors.