Orczyki for filing

Serwomechanizmy are inextricably linked not only with modelarstwem RC, but also broadly understood robotics as amatorską as a professional. Huge range available on the market service allows you to create devices quickly, accurately and efficiently. In the case of small flow-type micro orczyki most often sold with the servo. For large drives standard class offer a range of compatible lifts is as wide as the range of applications. In this category you will find reliable aluminum orczyki for single beds.

Torque, i.e. the repetition of physics

A measure of how "strong" servo – i.e. what mechanical loads can handle is a mechanics moment of force. Without going into the intricacies of a vector can be assumed that in the case of the so-called drive shaft torque is the product of the length of the arm and hand, which at the end of the handle having our actuator (motor or servo only). Therefore, the unit used in the case of stepper motors or DC motors (particularly those with built-in reducers) niutonometr denoted by a unit of Nm. Accepted for filing that the time is denoted in units of several different, i.e., kg*cm (1 kg*cm = 0,0981 Nm) for RC models or small mechanisms of such transformations is much more intuitive. In addition to determining the capacity of the engines themselves, you need to choose the appropriate orczyki, servos that will be able to transmit the specified forces without excessive overload.

Orczyka selection for your specific application

It is obvious that the longer the shoulder passes the actuator, the greater the torque required to perform this work. Therefore, in the case of long lifts especially important is the mechanical strength. Metal orczyki, servos, in this case, it is indispensable, not only because of the lack of deformation that can occur in long orczykach plastic), but also for the quality of the holes used for connection with rods or other machine elements. The main parameters of the lift is boom length and the number of shoulders – sometimes just the barbell with one hand, and in other applications where it is necessary to maintain two rods, was set in motion in opposite directions – if you need orczyki bilateral. Some orczyki have the form of a round disc with multiple holes. Such elements are particularly suited for use with services with unlimited rpm (servo 360 degrees, that is intended for continuous operation).

Orczyki to supply the store Botland

In our offer you will find a wide selection of lifts, aluminum compatible with standard. Marking 25T, visible on the upper surfaces of lifts, reports on the construction of the servo drive shaft is a shaft with a notch on the turret 25 teeth and a mounting hole diameter equal to 3 mm. we Have both simple orczyki different lengths, on one or two shoulders, as orczyki round (disk), and even the decking outside the box (for example, Feetech FK-AP-10). Orczyki dwuramienne we offer in the performance of a symmetric (e.g., FK-AP-4) or asymmetrical (FK-AP-15). In this category you'll find furthermore, some metal brackets, allowing the construction of mechanisms of the type "gimbal".