Inveo smart controllers

Have you ever dreamt of a modern office, where everything is under control and you never need to worry about safety? Or maybe you wanted an apartment that guarantees maximum comfort? If so, these dreams are just within your reach - just take advantage of our offer available in this category. Inveo smart controllers will not only provide you, your workers and your family members with maximum control over the premises but they will also give you access to numerous data and measurements, ensuring full safety and comfort for everyone.


Smart Home

Inveo smart controllers - top quality for every building

Would you like to have access to all the information about particular rooms on your computer screen? Do you need to monitor situation in various areas in order to make sure that everywhere is safe? With Inveo, now it’s just a piece of cake! Products in this category will provide even the most demanding customers with the necessary tools.

In our offer you can find modules that enable reading RFID data, which becomes an increasingly popular building surveillance system for businesses. Thanks to it you can observe who and when enters or leaves the office, how long your employees were on a break or even how many times they left the building - it’s a quick way to get the essential information.

Inveo controllers are able to do much more and to test all of their features, you just need to familiarize yourself with modules that use Internet controlled relays. No matter where you are, it will be possible for you to operate the printer or other office equipment using only the Internet and a browser.

Equipment for the most demanding customers

If you expect very functional products, in this category you will find the ones that will certainly meet your expectation. Here you can buy modules with 4 or 8 relay outputs controlled from a domain and an Internet server. With them you can quickly and easily control your office equipment without getting up from the desk.

In smart homes, Inveo controllers are being used mostly to maximize the comfort of its residents, while in offices and professional corporations they should make up the basic tool for employees working in executive positions. Inveo smart controllers help to minimize the time needed to perform important tasks and - as it’s commonly known in the business world - time is money.