Controllers Inveo

Inveo controllersthat we offer, is primarily a relay, with the ability to control through Internet RFID readers and modules, IoT (wpisujące in the idea of the Internet of Things), designed for remote reading of values from sensors. This type of equipment can be used as a means for turning an ordinary home or office into an intelligent building. Manufacturer Inveo is a unique company of Polish origin, which is the main player in the market of automation equipment and performs unusual device, adapted to modern standards.


Smart Home

Inveo controllers - Intelligent building in Your home

Inveo controllers are the ideal solution for people who want to turn your home into a smart home. We offer, among other things, the relay is equipped with one to eight relay outputs with a voltage of 250 V AC or 30 V DC). Devices of this type have built in WEB servers and have the option of mounting on the DIN rail. Such relays can be processed, inter alia, through web pages and correctly render, with a few lines corresponding to the commands (handwriting program), a program designed for Windows 10. In addition, can also be delivered using the popular MODBUS TCP Protocol, SNMP, HTTP, KNX-IP, as well as any device with installed Android OS. In this category we also offer a variety of RFID readers. They can check both at universities (to read the indexes are tagged with RFID), in the work place to control the availability of workers, and for many other purposes.

Remote measurement of values - Addition of "smart house" project

The product range includes modules for remote measurement of the physical quantity from the sensor via the Internet. The device is equipped with the appropriate probe with temperature sensor and cable is designed to connect. The module itself is powered via a dedicated DC adapter or via the Ethernet port, which is the network connection (PoE). The device can be monitored via the Internet and any website (the product has a built-in WEB server), respectively written by line of commands using the MODBUS TCP Protocol or use the appropriate application installed on the Android device.