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Inveo is a Polish company founded in 2008. The company specializes in electronic devices designed for applications for intelligent buildings. Designers make every effort to ensure that their products meet even the most stringent customer requirements. The Inveo automation devices offered by the Botland store allow you to add interesting functionalities in homes, public buildings as well as in industrial facilities. Inveo brand relay modules allow you to turn on and off electrical circuits remotely via the Internet, thanks to the built-in wireless module that provides support for numerous communication protocols. In contrast, RFID proximity reader modules allow increased security by contactless access control to various building facilities with separate rooms, devices and motor vehicles, as well as when making electronic payments with a credit card.


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Inveo controllers - a wide range of applications

USB Desk and USB Pocket readers offered by Botland can be used, among others in building access control systems, computers with hard drives containing sensitive data, multimedia and book rentals, as well as electronic payment systems. In contrast, USB Desk series readers are equipped with relays that can control the switching of circuits by receiving a signal through the built-in transponder. The reader can communicate with the computer through a local area network (LAN). IND readers for industrial applications also have many advantages and functionalities. With their help, you can introduce access control to the premises on the factory premises, as well as protect machines and vehicles from being started by people without appropriate permissions. Readers are equipped with acoustic signalling in the form of a buzzer (piezoelectric generator) and visual signalling in the form of displays and LEDs. We also offer array readers, the design of which allows monitoring access control to server rooms, indoor switchgear fields in power stations, as well as other facilities of strategic importance that require special supervision before access by unauthorized entities.

Inveo - an easy way to significantly improve your house abilities!

Drivers and readers from Inveo are simple to use and highly effective technical solutions that will make your home significantly more functional. Using Inveo LanTick Pro relay modules, you can implement independent control depending on the model up to 2.4 or 8 circuits operating at 250VAC or 30VDC. The Inveo device range available in the Botland store also includes sensor modules enabling remote temperature measurements. The measurement results are sent to a smartphone or computer via the Internet - the user can thus control Inveo modules manually, using the HTTP, SNMP, MODBUS TCP, WWW and KNX-IP communication protocols. In addition to control and measurement functions, RFID reader devices that are used in applications for registering the presence of individuals on the job site also fulfil their task perfectly. Dedicated computer software for managing Inveo modules is compatible with Windows 10. The module can be powered by the DC power supply or by using the PoE (Power over Ethernet) function.