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For a long time, electronic paper technology was underestimated. 40 years have passed since it was invented for commercial use. Today, e-paper displays are very versatile, they are appreciated for their energy efficiency and very good image quality. They reflect light, just like paper, which distinguishes them from conventional flat-screen displays. This makes the emitted image more readable and we can see it better even in more difficult conditions, in sunny weather. Moreover, e-paper displays consume little energy, are energy efficient, which in turn results in low operating costs. The image quality, in turn, is also affected by high contrast. E-paper is a technology that provides image display by means of microscopic containers, which are filled with dark and white capsules. In the offer of Botland store you will find a wide range of displays created on the basis of this technology. They are a very good alternative to conventional displays. 


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Products by page

How does it work?

The e-paper displays are based on the phenomenon of electrophoresis. It concerns the movement of charged particles, which are in the electric field. They are built of polymer microspheres filled with oil and small particles of dye. The type and color of the particles depends on the display model. If the image is standard black and white, the particles are black and white. Dyes take a specific position, which allows us to see a specific content displayed on the screen. This is possible thanks to the electrodes, between which there are microspheres. It is the charge that decides on the position to be taken. Microspheres are bistable, which means that keeping them in a constant position does not require a constant source of energy. A very big convenience, which often determines the choice of e-paper display, is a wide viewing angle of 180 degrees. It is also a solution that favors our organ of vision, because e-paper displays do not emit light. 

Multi-purpose e-paper displays 

The e-paper displays perfectly fit into an advanced technology environment. They have found their application in e-book readers, which today very often replace traditional books due to greater mobility and convenience. Apart from that, they are used in many other industries, where there is a need to display static information, such as bus, train and streetcar timetables. Each of us probably associates signatures with prices for products in stores. Their paper version is being replaced more and more often by electronic ones, and also in this area the e-pyre technology works perfectly. We can also observe e-paper displays in modern smartphones. We can find two screens in them, one of which is the commonly known AMOLED, and the second e-paper display placed on the back panel. 

So you can use the e-paper displays for many projects. They are perfect for many control modules, electronic devices and robots. You should consider them in case of all these projects, where it will be necessary to display a static image. 

Energy efficiency, image clarity... advantages of the e-paper display 

E-paper has many advantages, which make it an energy-saving solution with a very good quality of the displayed image. E-paper displays consume even several times less energy than standard LCD displays, which is due to bistable technology. Regardless of the conditions, even in full sunshine, we can easily see the details displayed on the screen, which increases the range of application of the displays and at the same time has a positive impact on the freedom of use in any environment. 

By choosing an e-paper display, we contribute to reducing paper production. This is an alternative to printed paper, which we are constantly trying to reduce. Moreover, electronic paper is conducive to our eyes, which are not tired, and the format and size of the displayed elements can be adapted to our individual needs.