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Electronic paper (e-paper display) is a type of screen that mimics the appearance of ordinary ink on paper. Unlike conventional flat panel displays which emit light, electronic displays like e-ink reflects light like paper. This makes it easier to read - provide a wider viewing angle than most conventional displays, light emitting. Such displays offer high contrast and low power consumption. In our shop available displays are e-ink equipped with a wide range of drivers so that they can be linked to virtually any device.


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Products by page

Products by page

E-paper - energy-saving and practical displays

Electronic paper uses plastic bases for display. Due to the fact that the e-ink screens are flexible - greatly increases the range of their application. Can be used as electronic price labels in shops, information boards at bus stations, electronic billboards, and read e-books. Currently most displays, e-ink is in black and white (with the possibility of presentation in grayscale).

Low power consumption, thanks to its unique principle of operation

Many electronic displays like e-ink holds the static text or image on the display without access to a power source, Sometimes referred to as screens elektroforetycznymi. Create image the movement of charged pigment particles with an applied electric field. So the power supply for the screen e-ink, it is necessary only when image changes. Given the low energy consumption, such displays are often used in portable equipment powered by batteries.

Clear and ergonomic way

The display-type electronic paper perfectly mimics a sheet of paper. Due to the high contrast and use only reflected light, such screens are not tiring for the eyes. Displays e-ink is available in several formats and sizes. Due to the relatively high resolution and dynamic range, these displays can present not only text, but also simplified illustrations, icons and graphics. In addition, the ergonomics of displays of this type improves the capability of connection of flexible displays on surfaces of any shape - because the shape of the screen you can fit in the geometry of the device.