Tact Switch

Tact switch is sometimes called a button. This button initiates a short circuit or opening of an electrical element. It consists of two plates. Pressing it means that the circuit is closed so that current can flow. An open circuit is when the plates are not in contact with each other, then the current cannot flow through the circuit. We can distinguish many types of switches, among which are those operated manually, such as keyboard buttons or even light switches. There are also switches in the form of modules operated by moving objects, which include, for example, sensors or doors (in commercial centres, offices etc.). Tact Switches with sensors such as temperature or pressure are often used in Arduino modules control systems. They are also used in automation and complex electronic systems. In Botland store you can find switches in different shapes and sizes. They also take different colors, so we can adjust them to the project both in terms of functionality and visual aspects. 


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Products by page

Where can you use our tact switch buttons?

Tact switch is a different kind of touch switches that contain and open an electrical circuit when you touch them. They are very versatile and have a wide range of applications. They belong to monostable buttons, which means that they have only one stable position. They change only when they are pressed. Each time you stop pressing, they return to their default, original position. This makes them very good at controlling the Arduino module. We also recommend them to communicate with other microcontrollers. 

The switches are also used in prototype devices. They cannot be missing in any module designed for testing digital circuits. They are responsible for communication with the microcontroller. Always, regardless of whether the device has a user interface or not, there must be one button in the electrical device with which it will be possible to reset the processor in the system. Often there are fears that there will not be enough space in miniaturized devices to place such a button. The solution to this problem is microswitches, i.e. smaller buttons. They are great for small devices as well as for simplified ones. 

How do tact switch buttons differ? 

Buttons are available in many variants. Visually, they certainly differ in color. This is an important aspect of the visual effect, but it can also make it easier to distinguish the function of buttons if there are more buttons in the project. Moreover, they have different shapes. In Botland store you will find square, rectangular and round buttons. The switches can be in smaller and larger sizes, so you can easily adapt them to your electrical appliance and its specifics. Furthermore, we offer not only single tact switch, but also keyboard modules with more buttons. 

Connecting a button to a microcontroller is quick and easy. The modules are designed to work with any microcontrollers that have digital inputs, so they are also recommended for Arduino. It is only necessary to connect the power supply and input pin to any input. This will allow you to read its status. 

Feel free to get acquainted with our offer of tact switches, which are perfect for many electronic projects, including prototyping. Switches are available as single elements and more complex modules in the form of a keyboard with several buttons. They can be in different colors, shapes and sizes, also in a miniaturized version for particularly small electrical devices. The switches are easy to install and very comfortable to use. They are small elements of great importance, often determining the functionality of the system and device.