Tact Switch

Tact Switch In electrical engineering a switch is an element that may initiate the closing or opening an electric circuit. Thus interrupts current or redirects it from one track to another. There are many types of switches. This can be switches, manually operated, for example, the switch or keyboard button, can be modules that are supported by a moving object such as a door or through some element czujnikowy for example, pressure, temperature or flow. Buttons of this type are ideal for configuration and management modules Arduino or other electronic systems.


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Products by page

Button " tact switch for integration into electronic devices

The switch type tact switch (tactile switch switches the touch) buttons, often containing or (rarely) rozwierające electrical circuit at the time the right touch - a gentle pressing the top. Buttons of this type are switches monostabilnymi - there is only one stable position (the default state) - only when pressed, change the position. Button, after pressing, it returns to its default configuration. Due to the fact that is suitable, for example, to control the module Arduino or communicate with other mikrokontrolerami. Button flip flops

Compact microswitche for prototypes

Circuit breakers are an important element of all prototype devices. Compact tact switches are an integral component of each module for testing of digital systems - ensure communication with the microcontroller. Even if You created the device should have no user interface, it's implemented there has to be at least one button - reset system, which is used to reset the processor in the system. This is not a problem, even in miniature devices of the Internet of Things - in our shop you will find miniature switches, tact switch, designed for implementation in such devices.

A wide variety of shapes and sizes of buttons

The switch type tact switch are manufactured in a wide range of shapes and sizes. There are tiny buttons designed to be implemented in compact devices where space is limited. On the other hand, in assortment of our shop you can find buttons the perfect size for use, for example, on the contact Board along with the Arduino module. Their size and shape allows for easy to press during testing algorithms.