Module Z-wave

In the category " modules Z-Wave we offer pads for tile Raspberry Pi and Arduino, which are changing them in the gates home automation Z-Wave. We also offer the modules and RGB LED lamps that are not equipped. Z-Wave is a wireless Protocol that makes a lot of devices is the ability to connect one remotely operated network. Using Z-Wave you can create a system of intelligent building management without intervention in its structure.

Module Z-wave

Z-Wave is a wireless Protocol by which it is possible to create a system of intelligent building, without the necessary additional investment to change its structure. The idea of ideas-synchronization hardware home automation in the mesh topology (the topology of the mesh, in which the devices have to communicate directly, quickly and without hierarchy; cooperation is to effectively “transporting” data, quickly properly configures itself, and reliability). The uniqueness of such systems is that each receiver becomes a transmitter signal, so that the network has much stronger and wider range. Exceptions are devices that are not connected to constant power source (due to the optimization of energy use). Z-Wave is used to control home APPLIANCES, shutters, gates, garden watering system, oddymianiem fire protection, heating and lighting, alarm systems on ulatniającym itself in Gaza, modules, presence simulation and many other equipment.

What do we offer?

In the proposal we have specially prepared pads for the popular mini-computers, with which you will be able to control the system. Module Z-Wave (RaZberry 2) designed for the Raspberry Pi, turning it into gates home automation, with which you will be able to control everything using a mobile device or a web browser on the computer. It uses Java Script and connected to the Board using GPIO pins. We also offer gorgeous tile From Uno, which is designed to make gate automation with a micro computer Arduino. 26 bidirectional digital connectors, 5 channels PWM, 4 analog inputs, network interfaces, UART, SPI and I2C and a built-in Converter USB-UART. The module uses an ATmega microprocessor that is programmed using the Arduino IDE, you can connect it directly to the computer and program.

Equipment home automation

In addition to the above items, the proposed head termostatyczną Z-Wave, and LED lamps with RGB diodes (with built-in Z-Wave module). After the connection becomes a receiver and the signal source, and function lighting, which can emit light of any color. We also have a Z-Wave module with USB connector - you can connect it to the computer to work with any (from any manufacturer), certified device Z-Wave.