Z-wave modules

Would you like to be able to monitor your house or apartment from your computer screen? Do you strive for full compatibility of one application with all your appliances and equipment? If so, Z-Wave modules and actuators are the best solution for your needs. On our offer you can find only reliable products that we eagerly use ourselves. Customer satisfaction is our ultimate priority and the range of products by Z-Wave will surely manage to satisfy your needs.


Smart Home

How to use Z-Waves modules in your home or office?

Do you want to have access to a video feed or parameters of the building from any computer? Equipment using Z-Wave modules is a perfect choice for you. The manufacturers provide their customers with a USB module, which can be simply connected to any laptop or desktop unit with a standard socket.

On our offer you can find multifunctional sensors for measuring temperature, humidity, motion, light, vibration and UV radiation. You don’t longer need to mount numerous devices in one room in order to monitor the parameters which are important for you. Now, one small Z-Wave module will be enough. In our store you can also find door/window sensors thanks to which your home will be much safer and you won’t need to check if you have closed the door or windows everytime you leave.

Z-Wave - friendly for designers and constructors

Probably everyone knows about the possibilities of Raspberry Pi and Arduino, which are available in The vast majority of manufacturers providing an assortment of smart home products adapt their goods to their own applications and systems. Nevertheless, companies that make devices with Z-Wave are friendly for designers and constructors, therefore on their offer you can find, among others, modules supporting cooperation with minicomputers.

The possibilities of automatics are unlimited. Now everything depends on your skills and creativity. In case you need any help with configuration, you can find all the necessary information and manuals by going to Z-Wave products and reading their detailed description.

You are more than welcome to familiarize yourself with the range of products with Z-Wave modules specially prepared by our team. High level of satisfaction is guaranteed as we provide our customers only with proven solutions from reliable manufacturers.