Modules run Z-wave

In this category, you will find intelligent modules of executive devices that operate based on the Z-Wave communication protocol. We offer, among other USB modules, connecting adapters for Raspberry Pi, thermostatic heads, door opening sensors, as well as intelligent LED bulbs. Using the modules offered in this category, you can build an advanced automation system that allows complete control of your home. In Botland store, we also sell other devices that are compatible with the Z-Wave communication protocol. Thanks to the high degree of hardware compatibility, the Z-Wave protocol enables the cooperation of many devices from different manufacturers. Thanks to this, you can create a thoroughly developed network of automation devices and control many processes in parallel in an autonomous manner while maintaining very good wireless network conditions. Combing all of those advantages, You can turn your home into a versatile smart building. Please check out the details of our wide offer of Z-Wave modules!


Smart Home

Z-Wave - huge possibilities and compatibility with embedded systems

Actuator modules that supporting the Z-Wave communication protocol enable a thorough expansion of building automation systems, as well as cooperation with other devices for creating advanced embedded systems. For example, one of the most popular embedded platforms, which are Arduino, Raspberry Pi and BeagleBoard, can be used in tens of thousands of embedded applications - this also applies to build automation systems. Such single-board computers can also work with modules supporting the Z-Wave communication protocol. Home automation devices can also be controlled from a desktop. To this end, the Z-Wave USB module performs its task perfectly, which can work with both Windows, Apple OS and Linux distributions. We also offer practical temperature and humidity sensors, twilight sensors and more. They perform a very important function - as a source of information for the controller in order to, for example, turn on or off lighting or overshoot the temperature of the heating and air conditioning system. We also offer fire detectors, signal amplifiers and UART to Z-Wave converters.

Z-Wave - a communication protocol with a huge number of advantages

Similar to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, Z-Wave is also a protocol that enables wireless connections. Thanks to this, various devices operating in the Z-Wave standard can communicate with each other in a reliable manner without interference with significantly reduced power consumption while ensuring a high level of security in data encryption. Thanks to the use of wireless communication, problems related to putting the communication cables in the building are eliminated. The Z-Wave protocol works in the low-frequency range and allows devices to communicate over distances up to approx. 150m. In addition, thanks to the use of communication technology in a mesh structure, signal transmission is very resistant to interference. Devices supporting the Z-Wave protocol can also be modified and expanded with further modules. Installation, commissioning and handling of Z-Wave modules is very easy, also for novice users.