Robots balansujące

At first glance, the robots balansujące have little in common with biomechaniką person. However, it is only an appearance, because the basic principle of their movement alive just copied from our nature. During the move, they use so-called balance of a dynamically stable, that is, all the time adjusting their speed and direction to maintain balance in the upright position. In our offer you will find a fun mini robots balansujące, as kits are designed for people who want deep knowledge of anatomy and control algorithms for such robots.


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A little anatomy – the construction of a robot balanced

Wheeled robots balansujące base your management, mainly on readings from sensors of two types. First the sensors have the task of measuring the speed of rotation of the drive wheels. Due to the fact that the robot controller can precisely set the desired speed and to change it on the fly to match the task of maintaining the balance in not very comfortable, upright position. The second main type of sensor, without which build a robot balanced is not possible, it is inertial sensor (IMU) accelerometer coupled with a gyroscope, and nowadays often also magnetometrem. The task of the control algorithm the value of the speed of the individual wheels, so that if too large or quick turn, robot "came" to return to the upright position. The sensor ARE completely in the "body" of the robot exactly the same function as błędnik in humans.

Control the robot balanced

For programming of control algorithms for robot balanced often need a solid knowledge in the field of mathematics. Fortunately, if you choose set for filing Pololu Balboa 32u4 KIT – you can use the included factory sample library to support all necessary elements of the platform. The construction work is based on the controller Arduino-compatible, so a separate installation is not nastręczy difficulties associated with, for example, mozolnym soldering electronics, and You can quickly move on to programming your balanced car. Tile base also has a number of connectors, allowing to connect any modules which include – our store offers everything you need for a quick start.

Please stay in touch

Robots balansujące series Husarion Telepresence was created with the idea of a new form of contact between people that, perhaps, after some time will lead to a sociological revolution. Teleobecność – because of her question – perhaps because of transmission over a distance of the image of the other person's face and the sound of his speech. Great for this tablet, which, in addition, you have an opportunity to move controller Core2 with a powerful microcontroller STM32F4 (ARM Cortex-M4) to ensure the smooth movement of the robot, and the programming will contribute to the environment online WebIDE available on the website of the manufacturer. Self-assembling robot is simple and fast, included you will find even a screwdriver required for Assembly mechanics. Interestingly, a few years remote-controlled platform will provide us with an ersatz presence of friends and relatives on the other side of the world?