Ready indicators are a great alternative to individual LEDs in the alarm systems. Ideal as indicators of the presence of the supply voltage, as well as any of the modes of the device. Different colors available in our store indicators will allow you to choose the color that best suits the end purpose. In addition to the classic indicators, luminous, in this category you will find also indicators optical integrated buzzerem.

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Products by page

Power LED indicators

When you select the display for our device, you should first pay attention to the type and importance of nutrition. Some LEDs are designed for operation with a mains voltage of 230 VAC – such indicators will be an excellent alternative for small lamps or indicators discharge lamps (gas). Some instruments are designed to work with lower voltages, most often 12 or 24V – however, some can only work with constant voltage, while the other can be supplied with the signal alternating (AC) and direct current (DC). The most common indicators are constructed based on light-emitting diodes that, compared to the previously used generator step by step provides an incomparably higher reliability, and often lower current consumption. Through the use of LEDs, the LEDs can have different colors – facilitates the selection of the appropriate shade of a suitable type sygnalizowanego event or colouring of the device.

Indicators neonówkami

Indicators with built-in neonówkami has been the standard for many years before the well-upowszechniły reliable and cheap LEDs. A small gas discharge lamp more readily they were and still are used in the switches of the walls of the "lamp" and illuminated switches kołyskowych. However, it should be borne in mind that neonówka can illuminate only if there is zasilona a correspondingly high voltage; connect it to a DC network does not enable. Because of this, the indicators neonówką today is used mainly for the indication of the mains voltage of 230 V. In applications such are, however, still a good, cheap and reliable solutions. In the same way as in the case of LEDs, the most common form of connectors used to connect these elements, the cable.

Indicators opto-acoustic

An interesting alternative to conventional optical elements, is particularly useful in alarm systems and warning led indicators with built-in buzzerem. Given the emergency nature of the applications of such elements, most often you will find them in red. In this category we offer three versions of the 28-mm devices with built-in acoustic alarm – one designed to supply voltage of 12 VDC, the second – 24V DC, and the third is 230 V AC.