Suitcases transport

Pictures for professionals transporting expensive equipment for obvious reasons, one of the key issues in their daily work. More and more people involved in a professional photo adds to your range also pictures the air with drones. Wielowirnikowce is also clearly visible satellites fans of movies, not just long trips, but even for short trips out of town. Therefore, in our range we offer convenient backpacks and bags, allowing for safe and ergonomic transport of drones both Amateur and the professional.

Transport drone Yuneec Typhoon H

For heksakopterów series Yuneec Typhoon H we offer special packs, allowing for easy transport drones with the necessary accessories. Backpacks made in the shape close to the package, which was specially prepared foam amortyzująca selected is in the form of a drone. In addition to the Central nest, which is the case wielowirnikowca on the sides and on the bottom and on the top of the backpack, proved to be a recess designed to accommodate other parts of the drone and all necessary auxiliary equipment. In addition, over main compartment is roomy pockets and handle for safe carrying of kit. On both sides, the manufacturer has placed open mesh pockets, suitable for conveying, for example, a bottle of beverage or other everyday items.

Stay with dronem? No problem

If you want to immortalize your summer travel or sports exploits on exciting photos of the air, you have to provide your dronowi security. Transport drones segment półprofesjonalnego - Yuneec Q500 – is possible using special backpack is an incredibly convenient and capacious, thanks to the use of it facilities design. They allow you to place the body of the drone (with the removal of the safety screw) outside the main compartment, special nosidle light blue shirt sturdy straps to the top of the backpack. This design provides safe transportation of Yuneec drones while maintaining total comfort – the backpack is not comfortable wearing it from the usual travel backpacks. Spacious main compartment with additional compartments and pockets will accommodate not only the equipment, batteries and other necessary supplies, and other necessaries, the materials at hand. After removing the drone is great for the usual, "plecakowych" application.

Transport drones professional

In our offer we also have bags, designed to move the drone DJI Phantom 4. What is very important – box does not require the removal of screws, so that the drone is ready to fly immediately after retrieving it from a special foam bed, perfectly fits the shape of the housing of the quadcopter. Suitcases are suitable for both road transport and air, and excellent placement of additional connectors located between the shoulders drone can carry up to 3 extra batteries, instruments and other necessary accessories.