Numato Lab - GPIO - USB drivers

Drivers that control the actuators by using the USB port on the computer.


Smart Home

GPIO driver USB infinitely many possibilities

Every technology enthusiast, wants his apartment or the hotel was sufficiently automated to make others impressed. If you are a designer or designer and you don't want to rely on ready-made systems, the range of Your possibilities unlimited. It is sufficient to select appropriate components and create a project that allows to control via computer.

GPIO driver USB is the main element due to which you mix all in a simple and quick way. If you want to create a universal place for supervising multiple tasks simultaneously, constantly monitor sensors and alarms or other tools spare parts are available in this category will fit perfectly in the realization of Your plans.

You are the person to start or are you looking for inspiration? In this case, we recommend that you use the directory. Prepared manufacturer's drivers GPIO USB so that everyone immediately understood how to use these components in their projects.

Industrial applications – safe and efficient company

Industrial facilities in which the manufacture, sale or storage of food products often need a monitoring tool for the building and the processes. Drivers GPIO USB will unite nodes, signals, sensors, IP cameras and provide control to the user-configured computers. This will improve not only productivity, but also provide employees in case of danger.

We provide a simple (kilkukanałowe relay) and much more complex modules (with even 64 channels). Because of this you can choose the number of ports and functionality of selectable items, matching his expectations and needs. If you have any questions we are at Your disposal!