Numato Lab drivers GPIO - USB

The Numato Lab GPIO-USB modules are comprehensive hardware extensions that allow you to control various electrical devices from a smartphone or computer. The design of the Numato Lab GPIO-USB modules is adapted to control both AC and DC-powered devices such as household appliances and home automation systems. Numato Lab GPIO-USB boards communication is done using a USB A-type connector. The Printed Circuit Board has a set of analogue and digital input/outputs, through which the Numato Lab module communicates with external devices. The manufacturer provides excellent technical support and provides sample program codes on the basis of which the user can design even a very advanced application controlling physical objects. GPIO-USB modules offered by Botland store allow, among others creating a lighting controller or measuring system that captures the measurement signals from the sensors with a built-in analogue-to-digital converter (ADC) for further signal processing and making further decisions.


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Numato Lab - multi-channel USB-GPIO controllers

In Botland store, we offer high-quality Numato Lab GPIO-USB modules that allow you to control physical devices from your computer. Numato Lab GPIO-USB Interface is recognized by the operating system as a serial port. One of the modules of this series offered in our store is equipped with 8 digital channels, compatible with logic levels of voltage in the TTL standard, as well as 6 analogue channels - the built-in ADC converter is equipped with a 6-input multiplexer. The ADC bit resolution is 10 bits. This means that the analogue voltage converted to digital can reach a total of 1024 different values. Each of the GPIO pins can be programmed as both input and output. The built-in microcontroller can be programmed to suit the user's requirements. Numato Lab GPIO-USB PCB can work together with various compilers to create programs in languages ​​such as Python or C ++. In addition, these modules can be a hardware extension for such development platforms as Arduino, Raspberry Pi, BeagleBoard and BBC micro:bit.

Numato Lab - multi-channel USB relay boards

Intelligent buildings and large factories - in both of them, various control systems are practically always used. One of the most commonly used elements are relays, which by controlling a small voltage of only a few volts, enable the switching on and off of electrical circuits that operate at 230VAC and draw high current. If we want to control a large number of electrical devices at the same time, it is best to choose a control module equipped with a large number of relays. A very good example of such a module is the Numato Lab URMC-16 module, offered by the Botland store. This module is equipped with 16 relays powered by 24V. Each of the relays can control the switching on and off of electric circuits with a rated current consumption of up to 7A at a rated grid voltage of 240VAC. The URMC-16 board has pre-loaded software that implements simple relay control with the function of reading the contacts state if it is on or off. This module is also equipped with 10 programmable 3,3V inputs/outputs and a 5-input ADC converter with 10-bit resolution. The URMC-16 module can be used in advanced building automation applications, as well as as a switching system in industrial processes.