Numato Lab drivers GPIO - USB

In this section, we offer a wide selection of different GPIO USB drivers from the manufacturer Numato Lab. This equipment, thanks to which using a computer, smartphone or tablet you can control from one to several dozen devices. We have a model that is designed for direct current (DC) and those that can work with alternating current (AC). The device have a USB port by which commands are received in the device, and a certain number of channels, inputs and outputs, digital or analog.


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Numato Lab USB drivers GPIO

Drivers GPIO USB from Numato Lab modules, which allow you to control various devices using the USB port of your computer, and any application a serial console (for example, RealTerm). Most devices are prepared in such a way that the programming was perhaps the most intuitive - for example, after receiving the command “gpio read 2” will read the value of GPIO 2. Detailed instructions are always a complete list of all useful commands. Numato Lab has also decided to provide all the source code of programs written in different programming languages.

Numato Lab drivers USB GPIO in several versions

The proposed driver is in the specification of different values of maximum voltage on the contacts. Most models allow voltage 240V AC, but you should pay attention to this parameter because we are also offering the device with lower parameters (e.g., maximum AC voltage at terminals 120V). Management of individual devices is performed using the UART interface, contact goldpin or Web/Telnet interface. We have devices that are equipped with 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 or 64 sockets. This means that, for example, “Numato Lab - 32-channel module USB - GPIO” has 32 GPIO connector, 7 of them of them plays the role of the analog inputs ( 10-bit matrix A/C), and the remaining 25 connectors digital input/output. Most modules that run on 5V or 7V, or 12V via a micro usb connector, DC Jack, or screw. Sensor resolution AC current in all devices is 10 bits. It is worth remembering that the connecting cables not included, must be purchased separately.