Modules and kits FPGA

Modules and kits FPGA - FPGA Chip - directly programmable matrix of logic elements is an integrated system designed to set up the client or the designer - hence the term "programmable". The configuration of the FPGA implementation using the language to describe hardware (HDL). Previously used scheme, but this is less because of the emergence of tools for design automation - synthesis system configuration FPGA. As well as the fact that such systems generally require rather complex devices, the adventure with their programming, it is good to start with a plugin for developers and a set of prototypes that can be ordered in our shop.


UC - Microkontroler
UC - freq:
UC - core
UC - External memory
UC - Digital pins:
UC - Connector:
UC - Ethernet:
UC - WiFi:
UC - Bluetooth
UC - Camera interface
UC - Linux
UC - Android
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Additional logic circuits FPGA broad range of applications

FPGA chips contain programmable logic blocks with rekonfigurowalnych compoundsthat can be used to connect these blocks with each other. Logic blocks in the FPGA system can be configured to perform logical functions. In most FPGA circuits these blocks also include memory. The FPGA can be reprogrammed, which provides a flexible, converted the action of the individual elements. Systems have a wide range of applications - from small systems that implement simple logic functions to complex elements with hundreds of thousands of heads that perform complex functions and algorithms. All these layouts can be found in modules for developers we offer in our store.

FPGA modules, integration of all necessary components

Modules for FPGA designs represent a fully integrated, turnkey platform for studying programming FPGA chips or testing the algorithms and logic functions. Tile and designs available in our store, in addition to the FPGA chips combine power system and memory chips - RAM and memory configuration, as not all LAMPS have a built-in Flash. In addition, these modules are integrated with various accessories, from buttons and LEDs to complex layouts And/O

Developer kits are equipped with a wide range of additional equipment

Due to the large number of available modules for developers of devices, testing of FPGA chips and development of new solutions is extremely simple. The tiles offered in our shop have a wide selection of accessories, from buttons and LEDs (including displays siedmiosegmentowe) using DDR SDRAM, and interfaces such as HDMI or USB to. In addition, many of the modules have connectors that are designed for expansion cards, such as modules with audio cards (ADC and DAC), network adapters, monitors, speakers, or screens.